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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Monday, 19 June 2017

Just in time. Hatters Tearoom (Dereham)

Hatters Cafe,
Now Closed Down
As my Twitter and Facebook follows may know I have been away in Europe competing in the prestigious cafe cycle tour of Slovenia. As well as me, some (well one actually) of the finest cafe cycle riders in the world were also in the field but I managed to beat Andrew (who is notoriously hard to please) in the general classification as well as mop up all the king of the mountains points. To keep him interested I did introduce a best old rider competition which, as the only entrant, he duly won. 
Action from Stage 3 of the cafe tour of Slovenia
I'm only telling you this to explain why it has been so long since my last new cafe post (and to help massage my ego of course).

It had been nearly 6 weeks since I had last caught up with Big George so it was good to put these two things right as we met up for a ride out to the other side of Dereham.

As always Big George turned up with an excuse to explain his forth coming poor performance explaining he had been stung by a bee and his leg had been poisoned. He claimed he was on antibiotics and proudly showed me a large purple rash on his leg (that suspiciously looked like a ribena stain) but I went with it and promised we would take it easy to help aid his recovery.

It was a hot day but we had much to catch up on as we headed off into the wind. I tried to retune into Big Georges broad scottish accent which was made doubly difficult as his words were being blown about in the wind. Despite using all my powers of concentration I couldn't make much out. Then I remembered I never listen to him anyway so it wasn't really a problem and we soon arrived at Hatters tea room on the A47. 

The first thing I noticed was a 'to let' sign so I was worried it had closed down. Fortunately this was not the case but on further questioning I discovered that the current occupants are looking to move on in the near future so if you want to go there I suggest you do so soon.

Outsider Hatters Tearoom
We took a seat in the outdoor seating terrace before checking out a good cake selection.
Good cake selection with most of the bases covered
I went for carrot cake and was also pleased to see there were sausage rolls available which I could try out in my sausage roll of the year contest #SROTY. 
Todays sausage roll entries
Big George had Victoria sponge with his sausage roll and coffee.

The sausage roll was good but didn't make my current finalist shortlist. We both liked our drinks and thought the cakes were good ones too.
Todays refreshment selection
It is a shame that Hatters cafe may not be in action much longer as it was a good stop and worth a visit.

On the way back I asked Big George if he had done much cycling since our last trip in April.

He explained that he had been working on his cycling technique and was keen to share what he had learnt.

Cycling guest cycling top tip no 62. To cycle up hills more efficiently; sit at the back of your seat and push down with your heels.

As I waited at the top of the next hill it was clear Big George had still not mastered cycling guest cycling top tip no 62 yet.

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