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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Friday 21 February 2020

SuperHorse. (The Good, The Bad and the Hungry, Stradbrooke)

The good, the bad and the hungry,
Everyday 9:00-16:00,
Highly Recommended
With all the recent storms it has been difficult to get out on a cafe cycle ride. But with winds of only 45 mph predicted today it seemed like it was time to get out on the bike and hunt down a new cafe.

It is a well known cycling trick to make sure the first part of your route is into the wind so you have the wind behind helping you when you are tired. This was the approach I had planned for today. I informed Big George, today's cycling guest, and he then told me that earlier this week he had come up with a better idea. He had caught the train to Ely in order to have the wind behind all the way back. I said that it was not a very original cycling scam as we had done the same thing for just that reason a few months ago (see Rabbit news). He knew that but had added in a twist that led to today's cycling guest cycling top tip in order to enhance his reputation as a tight and lazy Scotsman.

Cycling guest cycling top tip no 72. To save money and make the most of windy weather then buy an open return ticket (as it costs the same as a single) to a station you would like to cycle back from, making sure that the wind will be from behind. You can then enjoy the train journey before a wind assisted cycle home. Next wait for a day when the wind is in the opposite direction and repeat the process in reverse using the other half of the ticket (as long as its within the next 30 days).

We started today's ride by using one of my current "top ten best car parks to start a bike ride from". This one was at Tyrrells Wood near Pulham Market. From here it was a very windy 20 odd miles to Stradbroke before we headed North and were wind assisted until we arrived at the good, the bad and the hungry cafe at the local equine centre. As we arrived I spotted a mild mannered looking horse in the stable paddock which we had to pass on the way to the cafe.
Outside the good, the bad and the hungry cafe
The cafe had a nice looking outdoor seating area overlooking the fields and paddocks but it was far too cold and windy to make use of today so we opted to go inside.
The outdoor seating area overlooking the equine centre
At the counter there was one of the finest cake selections I have seen for sometime. I spent quite a while picking my cake meaning I awarded a very high effective cake selection (ECS) mark. I went for chocolate mud cake and also bought some Percy Pig rocky road to take home for Mrs Crusaders afternoon snack. As always Big George refused to have cake.
An outstanding cake selection
I had also chosen to come here to test out their egg on toast in my continuing search for EoT of the year. It was a very good offering with Big George claiming it was the best he had had for some time. It looks like it's a contender for EoT of the month for February and is also currently a potential finalist for the end of year EoT off.
Very good Egg on Toast
Big George was also very enthusiastic about his americano coffee although I thought my hot chocolate was ok but not exceptional. The chocolate cake was very good indeed so got a high cake taste score.
Todays cake and hot drinks
Despite the pun, we thought the good, the bad and the hungry was a great stop and I would highly recommend a visit. I will definately be back to try some more of the cake selection.

On leaving there was no sign of the mild mannered horse but in his place there was now SuperHorse resplendent in his superhero garb about to fly off and save the world, probably. 
SuperHorse about to save the world
Now with wind behind the only delay was a small section across a field before we made it safely back to the car park with another successful mission complete. As we drove off Big George enquired if I fancied a ride to Ely later this month.
Just the one field detour on this ride

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