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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Friday 14 August 2020

Back to Business (Chestnuts Coffee, Fundenhall)

Chestnuts Coffee,


Mon, Thur, Fri 9-3, Sat-Sun 9-4,

Highly Recommended

Warning: As if 3 posts on the subject weren't enough (see Trying to recover from 'long tail' Corona virus,  but its not easy! (Part 1)) then this post also contains yet more of my Covid-19 recovery news. 

However that's not the main purpose of this blog as after 5 long months then yesterday I was finally able to do a new cafe cycle blog to a most fabulous recently opened coffee shop.

A few days before lock down then today's cycling guest, Big George, had came on my last new cafe cycle ride which had been on a misty day through an already post apocalyptic Norfolk. However today was hot and sunny and apart from the occasional face mask sighting then things felt more normal with a more optimistic atmosphere in the air. Let’s hope it lasts.

Big George was convinced the weather would break during the trip and had tucked his waterproof in his jersey back pocket. I had opted for no such weatherproofing security so we both hoped the other would be wrong so we could mock their choice.

Despite it now being 150 days since I got the virus I’m still not 100% right although I'm much improved as I have had a number of 30 mile rides under my belt with out any serious relapses. But if I  go a little too fast or far I still start to feel light headed and this was the case after only a few miles today so we had to slow down a bit (and I wasn’t at my best for the rest of the day). Hopefully if I continue my slowly based exercise build up then I will eventually get back to full fitness ready for some longer, and faster, adventures.

Today's ride was a tour of Talcoleston TV mast which I attempted to go past in every direction. We would be heading to the newly opened Chestnuts Coffee shop in a field in Fundenhall. It had recently been recommended to me so I had high hopes. With a still clear blue sky we enjoyed a wide variety of views of the mast whilst me and Big George caught up on the latest news.

The iconic Talcoleston mast was never far from sight

We found the cafe stop next to chestnut campsite. For any campsite snobs (and you know who you are) this is not the campsite cafe but in a field next door with lovely views across the Tas Valley (I think). On the down side you couldn't see Talcoleston mast but on the upside you couldn’t see any tents or caravans either as they were on the other side of a big hedge.

Arriving at Chestnuts Coffee

The first positive sign that this would be a good find was the proper bike racks. This, plus lots well spaced outdoor seating, meant a high atmosphere and ambience score could be awarded.

Excellent Cycle rack facility in the spacious outdoor seating area

Despite having my antibodies certificate (as of June 29th) I still take my social distancing responsibilities very seriously so sanitised and donned my mask before heading inside, whilst keeping Big George 2 metres away of course.

Inside was a seating area, obviously unoccupied on such a hot day, and an excellent cake selection. There were also sausage rolls, (both animal and plant based) and cheese scones. It all added up to a good effective cake selection score.

A very good cake selection

Next bonus was the variety of hot chocolate on offer with a range of strengths. The strongest was 82% which is the one I opted for to accompany my coffee and walnut cake.

Big George then took his turn and went for a flat white and a cheese scone. Like most people in their 20's both mine and Big Georges sons are plant based in their food habits forcing us down the same route in our kitchens. So given the choice today, Big George immediately went for a rare breed pig sausage roll. I always worry about consuming rare pig breed products as I feel the pigs probably wouldn't be so rare if we stopped eating them.

We returned to the outdoor seating area to enjoy the views and our refreshments.

Today's refreshments

Our drinks were both very good. The cake and scones were both very nice if not exceptional with the sausage roll being the star of the show.

Chestnuts coffee has only been open since July and I was very impressed on how much they had got right, especially for the cyclist, and I highly recommend a visit. I will certainly be returning.

Still with a slightly dizzy head we return home, in the dry (so I mocked Big George), and chalked up a 34 mile ride (a new post covid pb). I just hope it won't be another 5 months until my next new cycle cafe post.

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