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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Wednesday 3 March 2021

New Friend. (The Front Room, Bungay)

Front Room,


Opening times Tue- Sat 9 - 4:00,

Highly Recommended

It has certainly been a long time since I have been able to post about a new (to me) cafe so I was very excited when Howard put a comment on my Facebook page to point me in the direction of the Front Room in Bungay as I was an aware of it. 

I selected Big George to be my cycling guest on this adventure as he can normally be relied upon and so on a chilly and misty spring day we set off to cover the 40 mile round trip.

A cold and misty day in Norfolk, which was very quite.

Big George informed me that he had done a lot of baking during lockdown and asked if I would like to meet his new friends Mr and Mrs Scone-Hands. He proceeded to whip off his gloves and make me have a conversation with his hand about his latest fruit scone action, whilst he put on a “funny” Mr Scone-Hands voice (apparently Mrs Scone-Hands doesn’t speak). Note to self, find different cycling guest until after lockdown.

As it was rather cold Big George put his gloves back on so with baking based chat with Mr Scone-Hands curtailed we continued in silence until we arrived in Bungay where we found the Front Room at the Earsham end of the high street

Outside the Front Room before joining the wrong queue

It is a takeaway only establishment which of course makes no difference in these times. They seemed to be doing good business with a queue for orders and a separate one waiting for their drinks. Unfortunately we picked the wrong queue delaying our refreshments and opportunity to warm up until gently pointed in the right direction.

I checked out the window cake display which had a reasonable selection all of which I liked the look off but eventually picked the orange polenta cake to have with my hot chocolate. Big George had a flat white and a slice of frittata. Big George wasn't fooling me and even though frittata is cake shaped it isn't cake so he would play no further part in any exciting cake rating activities today.

Good Cake selection displayed in the window
We collected our stuff from the correct queue and headed to the local park behind Bungay Castle. I know the rules and insisted we continued to exercise whilst we had our drinks and cake. We did put them down on a bench between star jumps and push ups which may have been illegal but I wasn't sure.

Cakes and drinks possibly illegally sitting on a bench

My hot chocolate and cake were both excellent and worth another trip to the Front Room to try more of their cake range. Big George said his coffee was very good too. I would highly recommend a visit, especially at the moment.

Big George had taken off his gloves to consume his frittata so I was able to have a nice chat with Mr Scone-Hands who had apparently had never been to Bungay Castle before.

Bungay Castle which Mr Scone-Hand had never been to.

The return trip had wind behind so was speedier and warmer. Mr and Mrs Scone-Hands were both allowed out and told me they might be doing some baking this afternoon. I had rather warmed to them and certainly found Mr Scone-Hands more interesting and easier to understand than Big George so hopefully he will be able to come cycling with us again.

Final part of ride by which time Big George had sadly put his gloves on again

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