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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Monday 11 January 2021

The Dark Knit Rises. (Long term corona virus update 4)

Long Term Corona Virus update 4

I should have learnt by now that you never tell anyone you're over your long term corona virus (LTCV) as it only ever ends in disappointment. This was certainly the case for me. I had started to regularly cycle again during September and was confident enough to say that, after 6 months, I had finally put the LTCV behind me. My how the virus must have been laughing as within a couple of days I was feeling ill again and spent most of October and November on the sofa.

It wasn't all bad news as with cycling on hold I decided I needed something else to occupy me on my road back to health and happiness. So I headed to my secret underground bicycle workshop to plan a new activity. After much thinking I decided knitting was the way forward and went in search of wool, needles and Youtube videos.

So this is what I have been up to since I became the Dark Knit and transformed the bike cave into an arts and crafts area. Sadly the one downside is that you can't knit and eat cake at the same time as its hard to operate the needles with sticky fingers.

Knitting area at Crusader Towers

I found that a bit of knitting everyday was good distraction from feeling unwell and set myself the task of knitting all my running friends bobble hats (like it or not). After 4 practice hats of various quality I was happy to wear one in public and felt my winter knitwear collection was complete.

The Dark Knit Winter 2020 collection

I therefore offered to knit my first hats for the running group. Both Jet and Sharon opted for a hat in my most ambitious stitch, the Moss, and on delivery they claimed they were happy to wear them, at least in my presence. 

So with the bobble hat production line in full swing I have also turned my attention to a new cape (or possibly blanket) and have set off on a 63 square, 3 colour, 4 stitch adventure which I hope to have complete by the start of the next pandemic in a few years time.

The start of the Cape Crusaders new 63 square knitted cape

One other bonus of knitting is being able to join in a knit and natter session, which you can do on zoom at the moment. Although cycling maintenance and football chat are rather light on the agenda you do pick up some top knitting tips. 

Knit and natter top knitting tip no 1. Don't knit with dark wool as it is more difficult to see what you are doing, especially if it goes wrong.

Having missed lockdowns one and two, which were more of lie downs for me, I am pleased to report I'm feeling a lot better and enjoying my daily exercise in lockdown 3. Obviously there is no opportunity for cycle cafe adventures but hopefully that will be back on the agenda soon. But in the meantime you will just have to make do with knitting tips and ideas.

BTW I'm still not saying I'm over LTCV yet as that is just asking for trouble.