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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Friday 21 April 2023

Abbeys and eggs. (The Parlour, Binham)

The Parlour,


Tue-Fri 10:00-4:00, Sat-Sun 9-4,


It’s been a while since I visited a new cafe as my focus has been more on Egg on Toast so far this year. However on this ride I was hoping to kill both birds with a trip to a new cafe at Binham Abbey, the Parlour.

The ride started from Hard to Please House in Alysham where Andrew (who is notoriously hard to please) was waiting while hanging out the washing. As we were in his manor I had handed over route planning responsibilities to him so was more than a little nervous.

Despite it being very windy it was a glorious sunny Norfolk day as we discussed our favourite Abbey on what was actually an excellent route.

In the past Creake Abbey had always proved popular but sadly its cafe has closed down so I haven’t been there for a while. However as I recall it’s Abbey is a bit more ruined than Binham so it depends how in tact you like them as to which is better.

After a fine mornings cycling we arrived at the Parlour but sadly our battle with the wind had been in vain and cost us the breakfast menu as it ran out at 11.45 and it was now 11.50. The waitress stuck to her guns and I was only allowed eggs Royal (poached egg with sauce and salmon on muffin) or eggs Benedict which has ham as they were also on the lunch menu. Andrew, being vegetarian wasn’t even allowed a version with no ham or fish so had a mozzarella toastie instead.

I then checked out the cake selection which was ok having enough offerings if not a huge range. It was a good job I did as lurking in the background was a catering tin of the dreaded cadburys drinking chocolate. As you may recall in these circumstances I give the hot chocolate a rating of 5 and have a cup of tea instead rather than endure a cup of milky sugar drink.

Inside was very pleasant, if a little dark, and there was a nice outdoor seating area which was a bit too cold for use today. 

I must admit at this stage of proceedings I was a little disappointed with the Parlour.

However from here things started to pick up as the waitress delivered our food and drink and we exchanged a light hearted conversation.

My tea was excellent and Andrew liked his coffee. Our cakes, lemon sponge and raspberry crumble slice type thing, were delicious and my opinion of the Parlour greatly improved.

The eggs Royal were also very nice and although I couldn’t include them in EoT ratings, due to the strict no sauce rule, I felt it was worth another visit, before the Breakfast curfew, to check out standard EoT.

I would certainly recommend a visit. Especially if you like slightly less ruined Abbeys.

Next week I’m going to test out some of Norfolks new Rebellion way gravel route on a 3 day trip with Big George where hopefully we will also get some EoT action.


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