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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Tuesday 20 July 2021

Another return visit (Twin Teapots, Kenninghall)

Twin Teapots,


Mon-Sat 08:30-4:30, Sun 08:00-3:00,


I have been the self appointed, number one, cycle cafe reviewer for Norfolk and North Suffolk for over 8 years now and, in that time, there have been lots of comings and goings on the cafe and tearoom scene. So when I hear a cafe has changed hands I try and revisit it to be fair to both new owners and potential punters alike. 

If the cafe doesn't change its name its hard to spot but I had recently been informed the Kenninghall Bistro had reopened as the Twin Teapots so clearly needed a return visit (for the 3rd time).

Yesterday was a rare hot and sunny summers day with my cycling guest line having Mrs Crusader joined by Mike and Troublesome Jenny.

My cycling guests cycling off as I struggled to get me phone in camera mode

We set off and headed South. As it was freedom day a lot of discussion was Covid based while we debated if we going to have masks on or off when we went into the cafe.

By the time we arrived at the twin teapots we had decided to mask up. Incidentally everyone else at the cafe had as well and I got the impression that the aging Monday morning cliental (including my cycling guests) were not planning on going clubbing anytime soon either.

Outside the Twin Teapots at Kenninghall. 

We parked our bikes in the continental style pavement based outdoor seating area. This type of set up seems to have become more popular post pandemic and for once we had the weather to match the arrangement as we masked up and headed inside where I was hoping to find out what a twin teapot was.
The continental style pavement based outdoor seating area

The cake selection was small but there was still a very interesting looking Bakewell blondie and some excellent looking scones. I went for the blondie and Mrs Crusader the lemon drizzle slice. We also decided to share a fruit scone.

Mike and Troublesome Jenny also opted for scones with their flat whites.

The refreshments soon arrived. There was a bit of a contrast on the drinks front with my hot chocolate being an average powder based one while all my cycling guests coffees got a big thumbs up.
Excellent cakes and scones

On the cake front the scones were excellent and the blondie a triumph. So with very friendly staff as well I would certainly recommend a visit to the Twin Tea pots.

I was still not sure what a twin teapot was. Was it a pot with two sprouts, did you get two matching tea pots when you went for tea or did the cafe only have two tea pots which happened to both look the same. On my next visit I will definitely order tea and hope to find out, in which case I will report back.

On the return home Troublesome Jenny proved troublesome as her bike started making a very annoying clicking noise that spoiled the ambiance of the ride as we tried to enjoy stunning views of Tacolneston mast. She asked what I thought she should do about the noise, I said that getting it fixed would be the best option and told her she was banned until it was, although I then remembered I always mend the bike for her which has put the pressure back on me.
Views of Tacolneston mast were ruined by Troublesome Jenny's noisy bike

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