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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Tuesday 29 September 2015

Lack of Volunteers.

New guests but no new cafe
Today was an exciting day in the world of cycle cafe reviewing. Not only had I found two new cycling guest to accompany me but we were going to visit a tea room in a museum. Not any old museum but one that had a display on local brush making through the ages. With the weather set fair then days potentially don't get any better thgan this.

I was joined on the planned 36 mile ride by Mike and Andy as first time cycling guests. They have previously joined one of my Cake Crusader sportives and often ride together but I was keen to see how they performed on a cafe cycle ride.

My plan was to ride South to Attleborough before heading back to the Wymondham Heritage museum where we could go to the Bridewell tearoom and check out the brush making exhibit. I had tried to go twice before but each time it had been closed as it is not open in the Winter or on Norfolk show day.

It did not turn out to be third time lucky as on arrival the Bridewell tearoom was again closed. Apparently the tea room is manned by volunteers and there weren't any today so they were unable to sell the tea, coffee and home-made scones and cakes as advertised. 
Bridewell Tea room sadly shut again
As I had promised Mike and Andy refreshments we went to the Garden House Tearoom instead as it is always a good stop (see martial Bliss) although sadly it doesn't have an interesting brush making exhibit.

As I try to avoid blogging about the same cafe twice, although for consistency we did do ratings, I decided I would rate the new cycling guests instead in three categories
New cycling guests Mike and Andy in the Garden House tearoom Garden
1. Conversation Quality. What was quality of cycling guest/s chat whilst on bikes and in the cafe. Especially how interested did they appear, real or otherwise, when I talked about doing my Ironman triathlon or any other triathlon or running event.

Mike and Andy scored very well here and I was able to bring up my ironman on at least 3 occasions without any obvious yawning. 9/10

2. Cycling ability. Was the cycling guest/s able to keep up on the ride without ever threatening to go faster than me thus encouraging me to think I'm good at cycling.

Andy was particularly good at pushing us along at a high speed but always letting me get to the top of the hills first, just. Mike performed well in the not threatening to go faster part. Overall one of my quickest cafe cycle rides of the year. 8.5/10

3. Cafe rating capability. Was the cycling guest/s fully focused during cafe rating and able to clearly justify their scores.

Both guests were fully engaged with good rationale on their markings. Only negative point was when there was a suggestion on how I could improve my rating system. I had to remind them it was my rating system but they were welcome to have their own system and blog which I would contribute to if asked, which they didn't. 7.5/10

My new cycling guests had performed very well and I think I shall now rate all my cycling guests in future to make sure standards are maintained.

Despite stepping in at short notice we enjoyed our visit  to The Garden House tearoom and collectively we scored it slightly higher than before. My Ginger and chocolate cake was exceptionally good and a contender with cake of the year 2015.
Excellent chocolate and ginger cake
Map of route we took.

Click link to download 36 mile Norwich Attleborough loop GPX for your GPS

Saturday 26 September 2015

Back on the track. (Penny's Tearoom, Saham Toney)

Penny’s Tearoom,
Saham Toney,
Opening times Thur-Mon 09:00-15:00,
When I left Big George at the end of Lowestoft pier back in August I wasn't sure if he would ever speak, let alone ride, with me again. With fellow 'cyclist' Dom, we had just completed my mission to find the best cafe anywhere across Great Britain. It had been a 6 day 500 mile trip involving hills, rain, sickness and suffering (see St Davids to Lowestoft day 6). To keep up spirits and help to bring us home I had had to use my legendary motivational skills by using phrases like 'is that as fast as you can go', 'well I cycled all the way up without getting off' and 'if we went any slower I would fall off' but the team had not responded well to my tough love and eventually, in protest, refused to eat any more cake at our cafe stops. However we made it back in one piece and on schedule so obviously my approach had worked. I might even write a book on how to motivate, I will call it 'If you're a bit rubbish, try harder'.

By the end of the ride Big George did not seem happy. He was not only refusing to eat cake but claimed to be too tired to join in cycling chat as he had contracted dengue jungle fever (man flu) at the start of the ride which a days soaking and 500 miles cycling appeared not to be the cure for although he had received little, in fact no, sympathy from me.

So despite asking several times since we got back today was the first time he had been prepared to join me on a ride as he was now feeling much better and ready for some more punishment. Things started well as we caught up on all the stuff that we had been up to since the last ride. He was particularly interested in my cafe by cafe account on the calorie neutral bike ride world record attempt (see Is it a record), although he pretended not to be, and I listened with interest to his very assuming story of how he got his Dyson fixed after the ball punctured during a seriously heavy hovering session.

I had planned a 50 mile loop out to Penny's Tearoom at Saham Toney which has been recommended to me by several people. The last time we had tried to go there we had been diverted when the BBC phoned to ask if I could be on that nights local news (see on location) so I was relived to make it there this time without any media distractions.

We arrived safely in Saham Toney and found Penny's Tearoom at Lowe caravan park. Some other cyclists had just arrived before us which is always a good sign. We parked our bikes and headed inside to check out the cakes.
Arriving at Penny's Tearoom
There was a big open plan indoor seating area with the cakes on display on the kitchen counter. It consisted of 3 sponge cakes plus scones. I went for a cheese scone (as part of my cheese scone temperature serving research) and some coffee and walnut cake. Big George ordered a cup of tea and an egg sandwich which, as an egg sandwich is clearly not cake, I took as a message that I still wasn't fully forgiven for our previous trip. I will know I am back in his good books once he orders coffee and cake again.
Cake selection
We decided to sit outside in the very pleasant outdoor seating area and discuss matters of the day.
One of the outside seating options
Our food and drinks soon turned up. Big George said his tea was good and he had two cups from his pot. Unfortunately I found my hot chocolate too weak and milky for my tastes. I would have given it a good stir but the spoon provided was shorter than the glass making this task impossible with out a potential finger burning incident. This is not the first time I have come across this phenomenon and have seen other establishments solve the problem with the introduction of longer spoons or shorter cups. I'm happy for either of these ideas to be adopted here without being credited with them.
Spoon length issue
I think my cheese scone had been warmed but wasn't totally sure as it certainly wasn't hot. I suppose as we were sitting outside it could have just cooled down quickly. It was still a nice scone though. The highlight was the coffee and walnut cake which was excellent and one of the best examples of its type I can remember as it is very easy to make this type of cake very dry.
Cakes and drinks
Penny's tearoom seemed slightly gung ho on the serviette front with each item, plus cutlery, coming with its own yellow napkin meaning we ended up with 6 between two of us. Fortunately they were all correctly delivered off the cake and as I had a bit of a cold I recycled the ones unused on crumb wiping for nose blowing purposes.

Penny's tearoom is a good stop, particularly for cycling as there is lots of room to safely leave your bikes, and it fills a cafe gap in this part of the region. It would score even higher if the hot chocolate issues were resolved but worth going to for the cake alone.

We had the wind behind on the way back so practised our slip streaming skills as we sped home. I had an afternoon snooze on the agenda while Big George was planning a meeting with Mr Dyson on the downstairs carpets. I think Big George's memories of our previous epic ride our fading as we haven even planned another cafe cycle for next week. Maybe he will even have some cake.

Ratings on two visits
Hot Choc Quality
Guest Hot Drink Quality
Effective Cake Selection
Cake Quality
Ambiance and Atmosphere
Café Rating

Click here to download 50 mile Norwich Saham Toney loop gpx file to your GPS

Thursday 24 September 2015

Gone but not forgotten (How to deal with recently closed down cafes and tearooms)

I have been cycling round to cafes and blogging about my experiences for nearly two years now. In that time I have posted about 115 cafes in East Anglia and added them to my cafe location map to aide fellow cyclists looking for a cafe stop on their bike ride.

However recently I have become aware of four out of the 115 cafes that have closed down and this has left me in a dilemma. On the one hand I want the information to be up to date but on the other hand I don't want to lose the history of all my rides.

I have therefore come up with a 3 point plan to deal with this situation.

1. Remove all closed cafes form the cafe locations map and locations list
2. Remove all closed cafes from cafe league table
3. Keep the post relating to the cafe available on the blog but put a note at the the top of the relevant post stating it is now closed

I have implemented these changes for the four now closed cafes which are:

Stephanie's in Eaton
The Mill at Yaxham

No 5 at Harleston 

Maxims at Lenwade

I'm sad to see them go but I have another 55 to visit on my current to do list. These have been recommended by people who have contacted me to tell me of their favourite destination so there is still much to be done in the cycle cafe world.

Saturday 19 September 2015

Cake Crusader Sportive 16. (Earsham hall Tea room, Bungay)

Sportive 16,
Earsham Hall Tea room,
Mon-Sat 09:00-17:00, Sun 10:00-16:00
Highly Recommended
It seemed like it was about time for another Cake Crusader sportive. These are group rides on which I take my family, friends and other cycling guests to a previously visited venue. As well as it being a chance to go out with a group of like minded cyclists it is also a chance to check out any changes to an already reviewed cafe. 

Unfortunately I appeared to have picked a bad weekend for the event as the majority of my regulars were taking their offspring off to various Universities or were sick or injured. I had sensibly dumped my student at University during the week to avoid a clash but it was clear others had not planned so effectively.

Therefore a disappointing field of just 4 lined up at race HQ for today's ride.
Small group for today's sportive
We were going to Earsham Hall tea rooms near Bungay as I had been told it was under new management and much improved since I last went. On that previous trip  I had upset the farming community by getting lost on the way and ending up in the middle of a pig farm (see get off my land). I was hoping for a more straight forward adventure today.

Today's group were our Dutch team doctor Dr Hans and Mrs Dr Hans plus their friend and first timer Andy (coffee 'expert'). My cycling guests had obviously been taking some of Dr Hans special pills as they set off at a lightning pace taking it in turns to sprint off up the road causing me to have to close down each attempted break away. With this continuing for sometime it wasn't surprising that we arrived at Earsham Hall in double quick time.
Myself and new boy Andy at Earsham Hall Tea rooms
Earsham Hall Tea Rooms had certainly been decorated since I was last here and the previous disappointing cake selection had been replaced by a much more effective selection of sponge cakes and scones leading to a good effective cake selection (ECS) score.
Nice selection of cakes and scones
Outside there is a lovely outdoor seating courtyard area but after trying it out we decided it was too cold today and returned inside.
Outdoor seating courtyard arae
Andy (coffee 'expert') announced that he was a bit of an espresso coffee connoisseur and wanted some hot and cold water with his drink in order to be able to adjust it to his tastes. All of these were delivered as requested. I ordered a standard hot chocolate and the others cappuccino. We also had a selection of different sponge cakes. Finally I ordered a cheese scone as part of my cheese scone temperature serving research.
wide selection of cakes and drinks to try
The cakes and drinks arrived and Andy tasted his coffee. We waited with baited breath for his judgement and to everyone's relief he thought his espresso was excellent and didn't need water adjustment after all. He liked it so much he ordered a second one and wanted to give it 9.5 out of 10. As he was a first time reviewer I had to apply first time reviewer scoring coefficient but with this and the Dutch contingents high cappuccinos mark the guest hot drink quality (GHDQ) rating was very good. I also enjoyed my hot chocolate too so good drinks scores all round.

The cakes to got everyone's approval with my only disappointment being that my cheese scone was served cold. However it was a very good cheese scone and I added it to my contenders for cheese scone of the year.
Very good, if cold, cheese scone and potential cheese scone of the year
I was now left with a Cake Crusader cafe cycle ride scoring system (CCCCRSS) dilemma. The CCCCRSS rules state that if a cafe or tea room is visited more than once then it is rated on the average mark of it's 3 most recent visits. The previous two visits to Earsham hall tearooms had not scored particularly well which would mask the obvious improvement the new management had made. However it is not an easy process to change the CCCCRSS as it involves a number of forms to be filled and committees to meet to approve any changes. Despite this, on reflection, I decide a rule change was needed and would make the effort to fill in the necessary rule change request forms in order to be fair. The proposed rule would be 
  • If a previously visited cafe is under new management when being revisited then any previous ratings will be discarded and the current visit would count as the first effectively wiping the slate clean. (see there must be rules)
Earsham Hall tearoom has now become an excellent cafe cycle shop with a courtyard to safely keep your bikes and high quality cakes and drinks so I would now highly recommended it. Using the new under new management rule its ratings put it into my current cafe top 10 as well.

With this dilemma potentially resolved we set off back but as the effect of our large cakes kicked in and Dr Hans special pills wore off the way home took a bit longer. When I got back I started working my way through the mountain of paper work and blog updates required to take into account the CCCCRSS rule change but I think it is worth it to get these things right.

Scores based on last 3 of many visits. Last Visited April 2022)
Hot Choc Quality
Guest Hot Drink Quality
Effective Cake Selection
Cake Quality
Ambiance and Atmosphere
Café Rating

Click here to download 35 mile Norwich Earsham Hall loop GPX file for your GPS

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Back to basics (All Things Nice, Cawston)

All Things Nice,
Opening times Mon-Fri 07:30-16:00,
Sat 07:30-14:00
Highly Recommended

Due to all my recent focus on the successful calorie neutral bike ride world record attempt (see is it a record) I have not been doing as many cafe cycle trips as normal. I have therefore built up a long list of cafes and tearooms that I need to visit. I planned to start putting this lapse right from today.

When I first started rating cafes it was just for my own benefit and I had not thought of sharing my useful research and findings on a blog. The first pre blog cafe I ever rated on a bike ride was All Things Nice in Cawston, when it set a high standard, the details of which I recorded on my phone. Then a few months later, on my next visit, it became the last cafe I went to before starting posting about cafes as well as just scoring them. Two years have since past so it seemed like it was about time I returned for a full review.

I was joined on today's trip by Chris (Mrs Crusader) as well as Barry and Helen and their tandem who would obviously be looking forward to tales of my epic world record ride. I was sure they would be very excited as they had probably never been this close to a world record holder before.

As we set off I skilfully manoeuvred the conversation on to my world record attempt and waited to receive my praise. However things didn't go to plan as first Barry, then Helen and finally their tandem launched into a ferocious attack on the credibility of my record attempt. They claimed they had been talking to people down their local pub and all had agreed that there were more than 300 calories in a hot drink and piece of cake which where the numbers my calorie neutral record had been based on. I explained I had done in depth internet research and was confident with my figure, which had been scrutinised by the boffins at calorie neutral bike ride world record attempts HQ, but they claimed that their evidence was based on the strong opinions of people down the pub so they must be right. 

As you can imagine there was now a frosty atmosphere for the rest of the ride to All Things Nice at Cawston as few further words were exchanged.

On arrival we parked our bikes and went inside. All Things Nice consists of a delicatessen type shop on one side and cafe seating area on the other. Sadly there is no outdoor seating area option but the setup has a very pleasant feel so a good Atmosphere and Ambiance score.
Outside All Things Nice
 with Helen still having foldie arms after the cake calorie counting incident
At the counter there is a good cake selection although only two sponge cakes were on offer, a lemon and ginger and a cappuccino cake. Myself and Mrs Crusdaer decided to try a slice of each. 
Cake selection featuring two good sponge cakes
Disappointingly Barry and Helen ordered a bacon sandwich and a sausage sandwich, which are not cakes, while their tandem decided it wasn't hungry so waited outside. 

Our drinks, cakes and not cakes soon arrived and we got down to business. I thought my Hot Chocolate was good and Mrs Crusader and Helen rated their Mochas highly. Barry felt his cappuccino could have been more cappuccinoie as it was a bit too milky for him but overall good drink scores.
Hot drinks
Both the cakes were very good with the coffee one being the slightly better of the two and got high marks.
Cappuccino and lemon and ginger Cakes
Barry and Helen told me they thought their fried meat sandwiches were very good but as a bacon sandwich and a sausage sandwich are clearly not cake I wasn't really interested, even after they had confidently told me their respective sandwich calorie counts (which some recent in-depth internet research later proved to be wrong. Again). 
Bacon and Sausage sandwiches
 that apparently have nearly 500 calories in each even though they don't
Overall All Things Nice had scored well across all categories, which was consistent with previous visits and I highly recommend it as a good cycling stop.

The ride back was difficult as with calories, cake and world record attempts now off the discussion topics agenda most of my normal conversation subjects were unavailable to me so after a brief discussion on the weather I had to resort to telling them all about my Ironman triathlon (again).

Ratings based on last 3 of 5 visits
Hot Choc Quality
Guest Hot Drink Quality
Effective Cake Selection
Cake Quality
Ambiance and Atmosphere
Café Rating

Click here to download 37 mile Norwich Cawston loop GPX file for your GPS

Sunday 13 September 2015

Is it a record (News of calorie neutral bike ride world record attempt)

Calorie Neutral Bike Ride World Record Attempt
Friday 11th September 2015
After two years in the planning the day had finally arrived to attempt to set a world record for a calorie neutral bike ride. My publicity department had done a fine job publicising the event with a mention on the Ken Bruce show on BBC Radio 2 (generating both a tweet and a text from people who heard it) plus a one page article in the local paper (page 36 of EDP) although admittedly this appeared the day after the ride. But with all this support and both local and national coverage the pressure was now on so I got up early on Friday morning ready to go.
Article on page 36 Saturday EDP, note ironman race sticker on helmet
The first part of the ride was 5 cafes in and around Norwich as they all opened nice and early. For those not familiar with the rules to a calorie neutral bike ride world record attempt then I have included the full set at the bottom of the post. However the principal is simple in that you have to eat a cake and have a hot drink in as many cafes as possible during the day. To make it calorie neutral you must burn off the calories consumed at the last cafe before you arrive at the next.

I had calculated it takes approximately 5 miles to burn the necessary 300 calories so had designed my route accordingly. I used my Garmin 910XT to measure calorie consumption on the day and Garmin Edge 810 to show me the route which I carefully followed to Expresso the first cafe stop in the centre of Norwich. 
Expresso first cafe on the route
Unfortunately my Garmin said I had only burnt 270 calories getting there so I had to do a quick extra loop up and down the road before dashing in to have a hot chocolate and Danish pastry (which is allowed before 9:00am see rule 4.1). I hoped I hadn't got the calorie count wrong for every bit of the route or my timings would be completely off so I already started to feel the pressure.

My scheduled allowed for 12 minutes to order, consume cake and drink drink at each stop and I completed the first one in under 10 minutes enabling me to set off again feeling good with time to spare and only 19 more cakes to eat.

The ride continued smoothly as I now seemed to have my calorie and route distances in sync so did a 5 mile loop to Warings cafe.
2nd successful stop at Warnings
Then it was up to Britannia cafe overlooking Norwich with everything still on schedule.
Beautiful day for a calorie neutral bike ride
My next stop was Pandora's Kitchen where I was due to meet the press photographer the local paper had sent. Pandora's Kitchen is always a high quality and very friendly stop and the team there were pleased to see I had made it on time. I ordered a salted caramel brownie and pot of tea. (I had previously worked out it was always best to have a pot and not a mug at each stop as according to rule 5 you only need to drink 1 cup and tea cups are much smaller than mugs). 
Stop 4 Pandora's kitchen
The salted caramel brownie was my favourite cake of the day, not only delicious but early enough on the route that I was still enjoying cake. However as Mr Kitchen is a keen follower of the blog he knows how fond I am of a good cheese scone. When he came to see me he couldn't believe I had gone brownie as he said he had been up all night preparing me a special cheese scone. I nearly said that I would have the scone as well but fortunately remembered I had another 16 cakes or scones to get through so sadly Mr Kitchen had to return inside and some other lucky punter would be having my cheese scone.
Excellent salted caramel brownie at Pandoras Kitchen
While all this was going on the press photographer was trying to do his photo shoot. We tried several poses of cake and bicycle combinations until he was happy. My only concern was to make sure that in any photo my Iornman race number sticker would be clearly visible on my helmet. (yes I did do an Ironman triathlon recently which went very well, thank you for asking).
photo shoot in action
With the fabulous cake, cheese scone controversy and photographing all going on I blew my 12 minute slot and was now running a bit late so pedalled extra hard to my next stop which was Stephanie's in Eaton. Here I swapped from my more manoeuvrable city bike to my time-trial bike for the rest of the route, I've seen this done on the Tour de France but without the tea and cake.
Picking up my faster time trial sort of bike
With the aid of my faster steed I was able to catch up some time as I arrived at Acorn tearooms in Poringland for another pleasant and successful stop.
Acorn tea room at the back of the Royal Oak pub in Poringland
I was surprised that things had gone smoothly up to now but there was going to be plenty of drama once the second half of the ride started later in the day. Before then it was on to the Cafe in Brooke where I was joined by my support team Chris (Mrs Crusader) and Peter (student son), who had come along on the promise of free cake. They would drive to each cafe with my spare bike and offer words of encouragement like, don't you feel sick yet.

As I had been tweeting progress all morning I was worried that I could have gone viral meaning that large crowds might start to gather and potentially slow my progress. Fortunately I had a plan for this possibility as my friend John joined us with his motorcycle in order to provide an escort. 
About to set off with Motor Cycle Escort from Brooke to Loddon
John led me through the imaginary crowds all the way over to Rosy Lees tea room in Loddon for another quick tea and cake stop.
Outside Rosy Lees
Fortunately I hadn't gone viral and the roads were free of cheering crowds so John went home again as I set off to Everyday's a picnic (EDAP) cafe at Hedingham.
At EDAP to face a cake choice dilema
Normally at EDAP I would have the award winning chocolate and Guinness cake (it won my 2014 cake of the year title and has a certificate to prove it) but today the manageable sized banana cake looked more appropriate but was still very tasty.
Banana cake
It was now down to Bungay and the number one rated Earsham street cafe. Where I surprisingly arrived bang on time at 12:53. My support team had already got there and were tucking into bacon sandwiches and sausage rolls. They looked very nice but I needed to keep to cake and this time a hot chocolate.
Surprised everyone by having some cake at Earsham Street Cafe
I was now half way and feeling fine from a cycling viewpoint but told my support team I was now struggling on the cake eating front and that I no longer felt that I could just stuff the cake down within the 12 minute window. I therefore started to take more time at the cafes, which was fine here seeing that it was an excellent drink and cake which needed to be enjoyed.

As I set off, slightly late, towards Harleston I was not aware of the drama that was about to unfold and potentially derail the whole event. Before the start of the ride I had managed to contact most of the cafes on twitter or facebook and as a result had had to change the route slightly due to a closure and changed opening times. Unfortunately No.5 cafe at Harlseton had no social media presence although this was probably because on arrival I discovered it had shut down. 

Fortunately there are lots of other cafes in Harleston and so, despite having never been there before, I headed to the nearest one. For reasons that will become clear I will not be naming the cafe or ever planning to return as it was the worst cup of tea I can remember and the cheese scone was almost inedible.
Possibly the worlds worst Cheese scone ever
I tried my best to force it down but the unpleasant taste and dryness made it very difficult especially considering how much cake I had already eaten today. I therefore ate as much as I could before hiding the last few small pieces under the butter wrapper. Goodness knows what Roy Castle would have thought but I felt I had consumed as much of the scone as was humanly possible and I suspect more than anyone else had ever managed.

Now feeling rather ill it was off to the Pennoyer centre at Pulham st Mary where I knew I would be getting excellent cake baked by one of the ladies from the village. On arrival my support team were soaking up the afternoon sun as I went inside to order a cup of tea and request the smallest slice possible of the apple and raisin cake. 
Preparing to have tea and cake at the Pennoyer centre
The cake was excellent and restored my confidence in being able to complete the task although looking at my watch I was now running over twenty minutes late. If I continued to leak time at this rate then the later cafes on the list would be closed before I got to them and the record attempt would be over. I hatched a plan with my support team to speed things up at the next stop and hit the road again to ride up to Goodies cafe at Pulham Market.
With stomach growing, quickest stop of the day at Goodies cafe
When I got there Chris had already preordered my tea and cake which I was able to scoff straight away in less than 5 minutes, however despite this I lost further time at the visits to the Tudor Bakehouse in Long Stratton and the Garden Tearoom in Wymondham getting there with only minutes to spare before closing time.
Arrived at Garden Tea rooms in nick of time,
apparently display in the window was for the tour of Britain but I pretended it was for me
I still had 5 cafes to go but was feeling rather queasy by now, however I would need to considerably pick up the pace to make the final few cafes on time and claim the record. I gave myself a good talking to as I hadn't come this far to blow it now so got back on the bike and put the hammer down on the ride over to Hingham where I would be greeted with my next possibly terminal challenge.

My target cafe was Lincoln's but on arrival my support team informed me it was closed. Fortunately on a Friday and Saturday evening Lincoln's reopens again as a Bistro. It was now almost 5 o'clock so I hatched a plan to swap the timings with my other Hingham venue of Chalfonts, which I had planned to visit in two cafes time. Then on my return to Hingham, at 6:30, I would go to the now open Lincoln's Bistro instead of Chalfonts where I assumed they would still give me a cup of tea and some cake even in Bistro mode. So with potential disaster averted, or so I thought, I went to Chalfonts where I waved off my support team as Peter (student son) had had enough free food and now had had a better offer.
Earlier than planned visit to Chalfonts
This closed cafe incident had delayed me further and in all the excitement I asked for a cup of tea instead of a pot. It was a simple mistake to make but unfortunately resulted in me being presented with a huge mug of drink. I had had so much tea already today that drinking it (although it tasted fine) was a real struggle and took me more than my allotted 12 minutes.
School boy error resulting in the biggest mug of tea of the day
I gave myself another talking to, the sternest of the day so far, and despite having already cycled over 100 miles somehow managed the strength to ride to Yaxham waters cafe 15 minutes quicker than scheduled catching up much of the lost time. I was very impressed with myself but on closer examination realised I had made a mistake on the schedule and had allowed a ridiculously long time for this leg by mistake which turned out to be a really lucky break.

However not so lucky was that Yaxham Waters only had one cake left today, a giant Victoria sponge which was again very nice but took a lot of effort to work through being my 17th piece of cake that day.
Big drink and large cake were for once not good news
To help keep up morale I was joined for the ride back to Hingham by friend Jim (newbie cyclist) who helped encourage me with motivational sayings he had picked up on a course at work. Apparently even the longest journey starts with a single piece of cake.

To my horror, on arrival back in Hingham, we discovered that Lincolns was still shut despite it being 30 minutes after the advertised opening times. I had to think fast to keep the record on track. I checked the calorie neutral bike ride world record official rules and decided there was some ambiguity as to if a cafe could be visited twice during an attempt. In order to clarify this I decided to insert rule 1 subsection 1 which stated:

"if on arrival at a planned cafe stop the cafe is closed, despite it being at time contained within the cafes clearly advertised opening times, then a previously visited cafe may be revisited as long as it is within 1 miles radius of the closed cafe. In no other circumstances can a cafe be visited more than once on a world record attempt"

As luck would have it my situation exactly matched the circumstances described in rule 1.1 and as Chalfonts was within the 1 mile radius laid out in the ruling I was able to return there with the record attempt still in tact. Lady luck was clearly on my side today.

Chris had returned in the support car so to celebrate my good fortune I bought Jim a cup of tea and her a bag of BBQ hula hoops. I didn't make the mug of tea mistake again and got a much smaller cupful this time.
smaller cup of tea at Chalfonts
With time still pressing I thanked Jim for his support and left him and my support team discussing if monster munch or hula hoops are the potato based snack of choice as I charged back towards Hethersett.

I arrived at Janey's Village cafe to be meet by Dom (old school cyclist) who had come to join me for the final leg. However before then there was more tea to be drunk and cakes to be eaten.

As it was getting late and there was no one else inside I checked they were still serving. Fortunately they were but I was warned it would be a long wait for food as he was on his own (although as we were the only customers I couldn't quite understand what difference it made). Luckily cake doesn't count as food as he confirmed we could have the cake just as quickly as he could slice it, which was pretty quick. I thought a fruit scone would be easier to eat at this point but I had made yet another cake selection error as the worlds biggest fruit scone turned up which, although perfectly nice, took some effort to eat on top of the previous 18 cakes already consumed.
Enormous scone to go with 15th cup of tea of the day
It was now dark and there were just 5 miles to go before the final stop at the Station Bistro Wymondham, in the fading light I was glad of the help from Dom's bike lights to help guide us there safely.
Arriving at Station Bistro in Dark
Once again I had had a lucky break as the waitress said they had planned to close early as they had run out of customers when someone turned up so they had stayed open a bit longer. They also had a rather fine looking fruit cake on the counter. I bought myself and Dom a cup of tea and I had fruit cake. He declined any cake saying he had had some at Janey's village cafe and was now full. I decided that Dom probably won't be a threat to take my world record off me in the future.

With the final cup of tea drunk and excellent fruit cake eaten my work for the day was done.
Last cake and cup of tea consumed
The support team drove us back to race HQ where I decided to put celebrations on hold while I slumped in front of the telly feeling just a little sick before going for a lie down.

Now the world record is in the bag I will be getting out my colouring set in order to make myself a homemade world record certificate to add to my growing certificate collection. A big thanks to my support crew, guest riders (John, Jim and Dom) and all the wonderful cafes I went to.

I have already decided to never try and repeat the feat again so if anyone wants to break the record then fill your boots and I will make and send you a home made world record certificate if you are successful.

Calorie neutral bike ride record attempt rules 
1. The holder of the record will have visited the highest number of different cafes during a single day.
            1.1 If on arrival at a planned cafe stop the cafe is closed, despite it being at time                         contained within the cafes clearly advertised opening times, then a previously                       visited cafe may be revisited as long as it is within 1 miles radius of the closed                       cafe. In no other circumstances can a cafe be visited more than once on a world                   record attempt.
2. All cafes must be independent and not part of national chains
3. All cafes must be visited within their normal opening hours and not open early or kept opened late for a record attempt
4. At each cafe a standard portion of cake or a scone (fruit or cheese) must be consumed. Biscuits, flapjacks, tiffin or anything pre-packaged will not count. 
            4.1 Danish style pastries are acceptable but only during the breakfast part of                               the day, before 9.00am, when cakes are not always available
5. At each cafe a standard hot drink must be consumed. (Tea, coffee or hot chocolate). If served in a pot or jug than one cups worth must be drunk.
6. From the time of arriving at the cafe 300 calories must be burnt off before the next cafe can be visited thus making the ride calorie neutral. (300 calories is based on in-depth internet research on average calories of cakes and scones plus average calories of a hot drink (Tea, coffee, hot chocolate). 
7. If extra calories have been used up between cafes then that is tough as they can not be credited against other legs of the ride.
8. Calories burnt to be counted on a generic calorie counting device using only cycle speed, rider weight and age to calculate calorie usage. No heart rate consideration is required.

For calorie neutral bike ride world record attempt stats fans here are the ride stats for you to check out. 
In summary I cycled 126 miles, spent 9 hrs 38 mins on the bike and 4 hrs 24 mins in cafes burning 8267 calories.

Calories Burnt time (min) miles av speed mph calories
Cake Drink
To Expresso 305 28.83 5.47 11.4 55.76 10.58
At Exspresso 11 9.75 1.13 Danish Hot Choc
To Warings 300 25.32 4.98 11.8 60.24 11.85
At Warings 16 12.9 1.24 Orange (gluten free) Tea
To Brittania Café 305 25.33 4.63 11.0 65.87 12.04
At Britania Café 20 19.5 1.03 Fruit Scone Tea
To Pandoras 282 29.16 5.15 10.6 54.76 9.67
At Pandoras 20 22.05 0.91 Caramel Brownie Tea
To Stephanies 329 25.3 5 11.9 65.80 13.00
At Stephanies 12 10.6 1.13 Blackberry Bakewell Tea
To Acorn tearooms 452 30.51 6.6 13.0 68.48 14.81
At Acorn tearooms 36 9.6 3.75 Choc and Orange Tea
To The Café 389 23.95 5.87 14.7 66.27 16.24
At The Café 25 15.16 1.65 Lemon Drizzle Hot Choc
To Rosy Lee 389 21.25 5.58 15.8 69.71 18.31
At Rosy Lee 22 13.83 1.59 Fruit Scone Tea
To EDAP 479 31.26 7.24 13.9 66.16 15.32
At EDAP 9 7.40 1.22 Banana cake Tea
To Earsham Street 365 25.35 5.39 12.8 67.72 14.40
At Earsham Street 24 17.88 1.34 Ginger cake Hot Choc
To ?? At Harleston 504 34.89 8.26 14.2 61.02 14.45
At ?? At Harleston 13 10.6 1.23 "cheese scone" Tea
To Pennoyer Centre 307 22.9 5.08 13.3 60.43 13.41
At Pennoyer Centre 15 15.25 0.98 Apple And Raisin Tea
To Goodies 327 24.8 5.42 13.1 60.33 13.19
At Goodies 7 4.78 1.46 Millionaire shortbread Tea
To Tudor Bakehouse 300 21.58 5.05 14.0 59.41 13.90
At Tudor Bakehouse 7 6.45 1.09 Brownie Tea
To Garden tearooms 729 53.94 11.3 12.6 64.51 13.52
At Garden tearooms 16 14.2 1.13 Cheese Scone Tea
To Chalfonts 402 27.4 6.8 14.9 59.12 14.67
At Chalfonts 20 13.96 1.43 Cup cake Tea
To Yaxham Waters 405 27.1 6.8 15.1 59.56 14.94
At Yaxham Waters 28 24.01 1.17 Victoria sponge Hot Choc
To Chalfonts 448 32.75 6.9 12.6 64.93 13.68
At Chalfonts 19 14 1.36 Cup cake Tea
To Janeys Village 544 40.25 9.16 13.7 59.39 13.52
At Janeys Village 11 10.1 1.09 Fruit Scone Tea
To Station Bistro 362 26.25 5.5 12.6 65.82 13.79
At Station Bistro 13 12.08 1.08 Fruit cake Tea
Totals 8267 842.22 126.18 13.1 65.52 9.82