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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Friday 17 September 2021

Damn Knees (Terrace, Loddon)

The Terrace,
Tue-Sat 8.30-4.00, Sun 9.30-3.30
 Highly Recommended

This may look like an ordinary knee to you but apparently it has got a degenerative meniscal tear and a patella problem. This means that this knee can’t do running and only possibly gentle cycling until it’s fixed. Sadly it’s my knee so I’m having to take it easy at the moment which is not my specialist subject. However I have been told that gentle cycling might be ok so when yesterday I got an offer of joining a ride down to Loddon I decided it was a good time to test things out and it would also be a chance to check out the Terrace cafe too, as I have been meaning to for sometime. 

My right knee

Regular Cake Crusader Cycling guest Mike had invited me to join him, and friend Roberta, for an afternoon pedal. He, coincidentally, had a bionic knee put in a few years ago so knows all about dodgy mid leg joints. He is also a qualified British cycle level 1 ride leader and has a hi viz jacket to prove it. So he was clearly in charge.

After a cold morning we certainly had the best of the day as it was a warm late summer afternoon. I was taking it very cautiously knee wise so the other two were often up the road but at least I was still going.

My fellow cyclists were often someway ahead

We soon arrived at the Terrace in Loddon which has a nice location overlooking the high street. Mike had been here before and, despite knee issues, made as carry our bikes up the steps to the terrace area. 

Up the steps with bike onto the terrace

After we had humped our bikes up a very nice chap told us they had a ramp at the other end of the terrace which led to a lovely garden area and that normally cyclists took their bikes that way. I blamed our tour leader.

The garden outdoor seating area which most cyclists use

As we had gone to all the effort of clambering up the steps we decided to stay put. Both the terrace and garden outdoor seating areas were excellent so I awarded a high atmosphere and ambiance mark.

Delightful terrace area

Next it was inside to check out a nice little cake selection which although not large covered most bases. 

Cake selection 

It was now, when ordering, I made a terrible blunder. As I haven't been able to do many reviews recently I completely forgot to order a hot chocolate and went for tea and scone instead. Later on I did investigate what type of hot chocolate I would have had and was told a nice Italian one. As I recognised it I knew what score it normally gets. So I gave it that mark and promised to come back and have an actual one soon. (I returned a coiuple of weeks later and can confirm it was an excellent Italian style Hot Chocolate which attracted a very high mark).

Mike went for a flat white and coffee and walnut cake. While Roberta had a cold drink and no cake which was no help at all. I decided to have some brownie as well as a scone to make up for  her lack of cake action.

Our refreshments soon arrived. Mike thought his flat white was only ok but we both agreed the cakes we excellent with the brownie being deceptively good. Regular readers may remember that Mike is my go to coffee and walnut cake expert. His feedback was overwhelming positive but would have liked some butter cream in the middle as well as on the top of the cake.

Today’s drinks and cakes. But where is the hot chocolate 

Overall the Terrace at Loddon was an excellent stop and I plan to come back soon to have a hot chocolate and make use of the ramp facility. I would highly recommend a visit.

Mike proposed return route would mean going back on the same road we had come on for some of it so I offered an alternative as I do like a proper circular ride. So tour leader duties were passed across, although sadly not the tour leader hi viz jacket. 

With knee starting to tire we made it safely back and hopefully it won’t be too long before the knee fancies another go.

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