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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Saturday 18 November 2017

Winter is coming. (Alby Tea rooms, Alby)

Alby Tea Rooms,
Opening times Tue-Sun 10-4:00,
It was the first frosty morning of the year so I had to dig out all my warm layers for today's cafe cycle ride. I was joined by Big George as my cycling guest. Despite the cold we decided to head North today and would be going up to Alby which is beyond the Wall so hoped to avoid any white walkers. Winter is coming.

The leaves on the trees were all on the way out as we were treated to a magnificent display of autumn colours. Big George was so excited that he put on his orange cycle top in order to blend him. Can you spot him in the photo?
Fabulous winter colours and Big George
To keep warm we cycled hard so the 25 miles up to the Alby tea rooms flew past.

Alby tea rooms is part of the craft centre and gardens. It has a nice courtyard outdoor seating area but it was too cold for that so we headed inside.
Outside Alby Tea Rooms in the outdoor seating courtyard yard area
I was impressed with the cake selection which had a good range of interesting sponge cakes. I opted for Pistachios as I can't resist green cake.
Good selection of sponge cakes
There were also some good looking sausage rolls which we tried for #SROTY and agreed that they could well find themselves in the sausage roll off in a few weeks time.
Potential finalist for #SROTY
We sat at a large table and I noticed that the tea rooms had been decorated with old vinyl records, singles and albums, in and out of their covers. Vinyl record decoration is clearly very 2017 as it is the second tea room I have been to decorated in this way in the last week. I wonder what 2018 will bring.

When our refreshments arrived Big George's cappuccino had the most froth I have ever seen but he said it was still a nice one. My hot chocolate wasn't as good but performed very well on the hot part as I burnt my mouth on the first sip.
Cakes and drinks ready for testing
The pistachio cake was nice and I'm sure Big George would have enjoyed his cake too if he could have been bothered to have one.

The Alby tea rooms was a very good stop on such a cold day and I recommend a visit.

As this was my third ride with Big George in the last two weeks we had long since run out of things to talk about so I made sure we returned at just a fast enough speed to make conversation difficult and therefore weren't embarrassed by the silence. I have decided not to ride with Big George again for at least a month by which time we hopefully would have done some new things to talk about.

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Guest Hot Drink Quality
Effective Cake Selection
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Wednesday 15 November 2017

Cheese scone hot or not? (Piano tearooms, Wymondham)

Closed Down
I had been trying for sometime to organise a ride to the recently opened Piano Tea Rooms at Ketteringham Hall but a combination of cycling guest availability and opening times had delayed my visit.

When golfing friend Tim mentioned he was keen to get back to cycling after a several year gap then it seemed like the perfect opportunity to combine a new cafe with a new cycling guest.

Tim has been going cycling mad over the last year but only at indoor spin cycle classes as he hasn't got a proper bike. As a man with a number of bikes (although I always have one less than I need) I was happy to lend him one for our 30 mile loop. 

After his cycling break I I was impressed how well Tim got going, it was just like riding a bike for him. It is always hard to judge what speed to go with a new cycling guest so my normal tactic is to go faster and faster until they can't keep up and then I know what pace to stay within. I had forgotten that in the world of indoor spin you must never show a weakness so no matter how fast I went Tim was determined to keep up meaning we made it to the Piano Tea Rooms in record time, although completed knackered.

The tea room is situated in the orangery on the side of Ketteringham hall. Outside there are lots of tables over looking the grounds. For a newly opened tea room on a Wednesday in mid November I was surprised how busy it was, which was a good sign.
In the outside seating area at the Piano Tea Room at Ketteringham Hall
The cake selection was very good, mainly big sponge cakes, and I awarded a high effective cake selection (ECS) mark. 
Good selection of sponge cakes
Owner Kim is a keen follower of the blog and knows my view on cheese scones in that I believe they are best served warm but she challenged me to try one of hers at room temperature, which I was happy to do along with a piece of toffee apple cake.

As a new cycling guest Tim clearly wanted to fit in and must have thought it was normal to order two items (or maybe he's just greedy) so he had apricot flapjack and coffee and walnut cake.

As it was busy inside and a mild day we opted for one of the outside tables to have our refreshments delivered to.

The drinks arrived first and my hot chocolate was a good one with a proper chocolate taste. Tim thought the flavour of his latte coffee was good but it wasn't hot enough for him to give top guest hot drink quality marks.

The cakes were superb, having good generous slices, with my toffee apple cake being the best cake I can remember enjoying this much for ages (and I have had a lot of cake). Tim also raved about his apricot flapjack as well. 
Cakes and drinks, although Tim had finished his coffee before I had a chance to snap it
But the question we all wanted answering was if the cheese scone could successfully operate at ambient temperature and I must say I felt it did easily carry it off being both light and cheesey although I still think it would have been even better if warmed.

I told Tim how lucky he was that we had gone to a top notch venue for his first ride and not to think all cafes and tearooms have views, cake and flapjack this good. As such I highly recommend a visit.

On the way back Tim said he had enjoyed the ride so much he was thinking of getting a new bike and doing more cycling outside in future, although if he always has two pieces of cake at his cafe stops he'll need to.

Ratings based on 2 visits
Hot Choc Quality
Guest Hot Drink Quality
Effective Cake Selection
Cake Quality
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Café Rating
Map of route

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Monday 13 November 2017

Mr X revealed. (Gluten Free Cafe, Norwich)

Gluten Free Café,
Opening times Mon-Wed 10-2:30,
Thur-Sat 10-8
Today was my third of 5 new cafe's I planned to visit over 8 days. I planned to meet the mysterious Mr X at a venue in Norwich. The ride was a short one as it was less than 2 miles from my house to our meeting point so not surprisingly rather uneventful.

I arrived at todays cafe of choice at Timber Hill in Norwich. As always Mr X had come in disguise, this time by losing a lot of weight since our last trip, so he was hard to spot. Once I had identified him he informed me our target cafe was shut on a Monday, as was my second choice. This left the Gluten Free Cafe as the only remaining option, so we went there.
Ready to check out the Gluten Free Cafe
The cake selection was a bit limited but there was the first appearance of Christmas cake this year so Mr X went for that while I choose Mississippi mud pie. It was hot chocolate and americano coffee on the drinks front.
Rather small cake selection
Feedback from readers have constantly asked me to reveal Mr X's identity although I can't do this as he should be at work creating shareholder value rather than tasting cakes with me. However he did say I could publish his photo so this is what Mr X looks like.
Cheers Mr X
Both our drinks were good and got decent marks
Good drinks
but the cakes were less impressive with my mississippi mud pie being particularly disappointing with rather too much icing. 
Cakes pre tasting
After we had finished our refreshments Mr X returned to the world of Big Business and I promised I would make sure I checked the opening times of my target cafes before our next catch up.

Guest Hot Drink Quality
Effective Cake Selection
Cake Quality
Ambiance and Atmosphere
Café Rating

Sunday 12 November 2017

God's Own Country (Old Barn cafe, Malham and Old School House, Hebden)

Old Café Barn,
Opening times Every day 9:30-5:30
Old School House Tearoom,
Opening times Mon-Fri 10-5, Sat-Sun 9-5,
Highly Recommended 
I always like to take the opportunity to expand my cycle cafe reviewing activities so when, over the summer, I met up with David, an old school friend, and it transpired that he not only lived in the Yorkshire dales but had recently taken up cycling I immediately invited myself to stay and demanded that he take me on a ride.

Things got more exciting earlier this week as while confirming my arrival time it turned out that he was due to get a shiny new bike the day before our ride. I was therefore somewhat distressed to receive a text during my journey up that reported he had fallen off on his first ride (trying to go too fast methinks) damaging both himself and his new steed.

On arrival David tried to show me a huge weeping friction burn and massive bruise on his hip but I was far more interested in getting his bike back in working order. Thanks to some Yorkshire tea and a bit of derailleur hanger bending we got it, if not him, back into shape ready for our ride the next day.

I was promised 60 miles of beautiful scenery, plenty of hills (including a rather tricky climb) plus a couple of cafes stops and I must report that David's route didn't disappoint. 
Part of the fabulous Yorkshire Dales route we went on
The weather was also perfect, with sunny blue skies, as we got our adventure underway. Early on we came to the corner where yesterdays tumble had occurred. I felt it important  we stop and reenact the incident for posterity. With cars and bikes whizzing by David surprisingly refused to lie in the middle of the road but still did his best to recreate the action. I don't think the photo did justice to his fall as he probably wasn't grinning like a cheshire cat when he hit the deck for real.
Reenacting the cycling crash incident of the day before
The scenery was absolutely fabulous with the sort of views we don't get in the flatlands of Norfolk. However there was also something familiar about it and I realised every where we went looked like a set from Postman Pat who was also from the dales. (Apparently he was from the Cumbrian dales and it this was actually Jane Austen country but I don't anything about her whereas I'm a big Pat fan).
You could imagine Pats bright red van coming over this bidge at any moment
We continued going up and down until we arrived at our first stop the Old Barn Cafe in Malham, which looked a bit like Greendale post office although there was no sign of Mrs Goggins.

The Old Barn Cafe minus Mrs Goggins 
I first got David to take the mandatory cafe photo before we locked our bikes. Inside the slightly dark stone building we found a pleasant dale tearoom style set up.
Inside the Old Barn Cafe
The cake selection was a good interesting one. As I had been warned that our big climb was just round the corner I decided to fuel up with a big lump of traditional fruit cake while David went for something called Yorkshire curd tart. I hadn't realised that there were curds in Yorkshire as I thought they were mainly from Iraq but apparently this curd is of the cheese variety and the tart also includes raisins.
A nice interesting cake selection
It was standard hot chocolate and americano coffee for drinks. My hot chocolate was nice if a little sweet and my cake was also good but slightly dry. David wasn't impressed by his coffee but felt it was excellent Yorkshire curd tart so had two pieces to help power him up the hill (although it didn't work). 
Drinks, fruit cake and double helping of Yorkshire curd tart
The Old Barn cafe was nice enough but probably not worth coming all the way from Norfolk  for. However this was more than made up for at our second stop later in the day.

Before then we had the small matter of Malham Cove to get over. It is a two mile climb averaging 6% but there is a 0.4 mile section in the middle that is all at 12-18% so quite a toughie. Now powered by fruit and curd based cake we wobbled our way up. As an excellent host David let me get to the top first and after I had read a short novel joined me at the summit.
David makes it to the top of  Malham Cove
It was certainly one of the hardest climbs I had done in the UK but I was informed that there are a lot tougher ones in the area on which to test yourself.

The ride now went along the top for sometime offering more spectacular views before another very steep section and then on to our second stop at the Old School house in Hebden. 
Our highest point on the way to Hebden
On arrival I pointed out how much it looked like the school in Greendale.
The Old School Tea room. 
Here we were greeted with some fabulous views out of the school hall window. It was very busy with most tables reserved but we were able to squeeze on to the comfy sofas.
View out of tea room window not done justice by the photo
The cake selection was very fine with a number of large sponge cakes to choose from. I opted for raspberry and white chocolate and David a traditional victoria sponge. It was also good to be offered a choice of dark or milk hot chocolate for which the correct answer is always dark.
A very fine cake selection
We returned to our sofa where we were joined by another couple who told us (yes honestly) that they first met as former pupils of this school before it sold tea and cake. What an opportunity to find out what life in a little dale school was like so I asked them if they had been taught by Jeff Pringle (Greendale school's teacher). Clearly they weren't Postman Pat fans as they looked at me blankly and quickly started to talk between themselves.
Our drinks and cakes on the table in the comfy sofa area
The drinks and cake were at the top end for taste and quality meaning excellent scores across the board and a place in my current cafe top ten. I highly recommend a visit if you are in the area.

Refueled it was time for the final push. At this time of year, especially up North, the light starts to fade in the early afternoon and the temperature drops but just after we had gone up yet another short hill a bright red post van went past re-lighting the day .I was very excited as I sped off after it shouting 'it's Postman Pat' (it wasn't).
The light was starting to fade as we reached the end of our ride
With lights now switched on we returned safely to base and my short Yorkshire cafe cycle ride adventure was over. I told David that the combination of the scenery, cafes and a near Postman Pat sighting (oh and his company of course) had made it one of my favourite rides ever and I looked forward to inviting myself up again so he could take me on another one. He mumbled something about being busy for the next few years as I hopped in the car and sped off back to Norfolk.

Old Barn Cafe
Guest Hot Drink Quality
Effective Cake Selection
Cake Quality
Ambiance and Atmosphere
Café Rating
Old School Tearoom
Guest Hot Drink Quality
Effective Cake Selection
Cake Quality
Ambiance and Atmosphere
Café Rating
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Thursday 9 November 2017

Love it or hate it. (Peppers Tea Room, East Harling)

Peppers Tea Room,
East Harling,
Opening times Tue-Fri 9am-4pm, Sat 10am-4pm
Highly Recommended 
Its been a while since my last new cafe review but to make up for it I have five planned in the next week. It is also the final run in to Sausage Roll of the year (#SROTY) so exciting times in the world of cafe cycle reviewing.

I had been recommended the first of these new venues, Peppers in East Harling, by several people so was eager to check it out. Big George was my cycling guest today. We set off and did some early ride 'training' as, despite the evidence, we continue to try and persuade ourselves we can still become speedy cyclists, even at our age, if we could just pedal a bit quicker.

After our 'fast' efforts we arrived at Peppers which is an extension off the back of a large House in East Harling. 

Peppers is off the back of a nice house in East harling
It was excellent for cycling as the location is unlikely to attract many passing bike thieves so we left our bikes by the door and went in.
Parking up outside Peppers
There were several tables in the wooden section plus a marquee extension, which looked a bit cold today but would be lovely in the summer. All in all a good Atmosphere and Ambiance score could be awarded.
Big George about to start his refreshments
The cake selection looked good too with a good variety of tempting cakes, bakes and scones.
Peppers excellent cake selection
With my hot chocolate I ordered some double baked banana cake. The coffee here concentrated on different beans rather than fancy named nonsense you normally get. You choose a blend for your caffetire from the menu. Big George went for the standard Peppers house blend although other more exciting ones were available but he is a bit mainstream, or so I thought, as he dispelled this view when it came to cake selection. Out of the blue he picked crumpet with marmite and cheese. As crumpet with marmite and cheese is clearly not cake then Big George played no further part in any cake rating discussions, although this didn't seem to bother him. In fact it was so left field that I didn't even know crumpet with marmite and cheese was a thing.

When the coffee arrived it came with a little egg timer which let you know when it was ready to plunge. Sadly Big George couldn't wait and plunged a few grains early but as he thought the coffee was excellent this didn't seem to matter. 

Timing ready for plunge
My hot chocolate was less impressive and not chocolatey enough for my liking but the banana cake was very good indeed. 
Hot chocolate and banana cake
Big George liked his crumpet with Marmite and cheese although he couldn't really taste the marmite which was what attracted him to it in the first place. The more he thought about it the stronger is Marmite craving got.
Big Georges crumpet with cheese and 'marmite' crumpet
Despite the lack of Marmite we both felt Peppers was a very good stop and I would highly recommend a visit.

By the time we set off Big George's need for Marmite had become insatiable so the only conversation on the way back was yeast extract based as Big George told me, many times, that having some on toast would be his number one priority on his return, once he could remember where he had put his jar.

Update: Peppers contacted me as it transpired that due to a mix up the crumpet had been served Marmite free. This is not surprising as Big George being Scottish means no one (including me) can understand a word he says which probably caused the confusion. Rest assured the crumpets normally come with plenty of Marmite.

Ratings based on 2 visits
Hot Choc Quality
Guest Hot Drink Quality
Effective Cake Selection
Cake Quality
Ambiance and Atmosphere
Café Rating

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