Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Tuesday 15 September 2020

Latest post lock down cafe info

 Latest post lock down cafe info

Last updated 2nd October 2020

I'm currently struggling to find new cafes to try out and post about. Partly because I can only manage about a 40 mile bike ride in my post covid recovery state and partly as this is obviously not a time when lots of new cafes are opening. (However if anyone has any suggestions then please let me know).

I am still visiting lots of my favourite cafes so thought it would be useful to provide a list of cafes that are operating and what my experience was, plus cafes that I believe are currently closed. I will regularly update this post with my findings so keep checking back for the most up to date news. Again if others have experience of cafes open or closed (or believe I've got something wrong) then let me know and i'll add them to the list.

1. Cafes I have visited since lockdown (In Alphabetical order)

Art cafe, Glanford. Seems to be open as normal with extra seating outside. Always worth a visit with great coffee and cakes. We just turned up on spec with no problem. We sat outside.

Black Apollo, Holt. Operating with a table and takeaway service. Still the best coffee in the area plus a great cakes. Number 1 choice for me when going to Holt

Blakeys Bus, Mulbarton. Been 3 times since lock down for the takeaway only service (although I heard a rumour there may now be some out door seating). The seating on the bus is obviously shut. Takeaway works well as you can simply pop across the road and sit on the common. 

Brickyard cafe, (formerly Everydays a picnic), Hendenham. Plenty of well spaced indoor seating ( and some outdoor in courtyard although it was quite busy when we turned up on spec on a Thursday lunchtime. Track and trace via NHS app and table service only as per current guidelines. Staff very friendly and drinks and cakes excellent.

Chestnut Cafe Fundenhall. Great new cafe which opened shortly after lock down. Loads of outdoor space but more limited inside. Great cakes and drinks so well worth a try. Been twice on spec with no problem.

Earsham Street Cafe, Bungay. Very efficient covid set up and you can still take your bikes through the cafe  to park safely by the kitchens. Outdoor seating limited so suggest you book for that but plenty of spaced out indoor seating. We just turned up on spec and got an indoor table. Cakes and drinks were fabulous as always. You need to do track and trace on their website when you are there.

Eaton Park Cafe, Norwich. Lots of outdoor tables and also they do takeaway to sit in the park and have. There was quite a long queue when we went as it was one group at a time inside. Track and trace was done by the queuing marshal who was managing numbers etc at the door. Not sure if booking is an option as you still need to queue up.

Gardeners Kitchen, Burgh Apton. Been 3 times since lock down, once we booked and twice we turned up with no problem. Lots of indoor seating plus extra outdoor seating spread throughout the garden centre. Best selection of cakes anywhere. Strict track and trace on arrival. I would suggest to book at busy times.

Hen House, Wymondham. Operating shorter opening hours (10-2). One person inside at a time, then take your refreshments to eat outside at the tables provided or on the grass. Not sure if sheds are being used yet. Same excellent range of cakes and drinks.

Heydon tearooms, Heydon. Seating outside at front and back. I think there were some tables inside. Takeaway was also available for eating on the common over the road. We booked and wouldn't have got a table if we hadn't. Everything done at the table. Cakes and drinks were still excellent.

Kin Cafe, Hethersett. No indoor seating with tables set up in the car park area in front of cafe. Limited range of cakes but always a pleasant visit. We have been twice on spec with no problem.

OB Cafe, Old Buckenham. Always popular with cyclists and lots of outdoor seating. Limit to number of people who can go in and order at a time. Not sure if indoor seating was in use. No need to book.

Orangery, Ketteringham. Very popular and had to queue (or actually got someone else to) for about 30 mins. Only outside tables in use but can also sit on the massive lawns all the way down to the lake (which is very nice). If you want a table I think you will need to book although we didn’t and take away by the lake was great. They have a flag based ordering fulfilment system in operation.

Painted Barn, Barnham Broom. Outdoor seating only and everything is done at your table (inc track and trace). We turned up on spec and got the last table so again I would probably recommend booking. The shop is open if you go in with facemask etc. Another cafe with great refreshments

Tabnabs, Matilshall. Outdoor seating only in the courtyard. Again best to book if you want to guarantee a table although we went on spec and shared a table with a couple of other cyclists. Cake was exceptional. Track and trace clipboard needs filling in in the doorway.

Teles Patiserie, Surlingham. Outdoor seating only, I think, in the courtyard. A very well organised system and again only one person allowed inside at a time. We had booked (via email only) but there was plenty of room when we turned up and no one else had. The cakes were amazing as always.

2. Cafes I know are open but not yet visited

Peppers, East Harling

Mad Hatters, Wymonham

Aldis cafe, Poringland

Rosie Lees, Loddon

Piece of Cake, Coltishall

Spoon cake, Loddon, Just for takeaway cake I think.

Natural Surroundings, Bayfield

3. Cafes closed at the moment or possibly permanently

Pennoyer Centre, Pulham St Mary

Smile cafe (Formely in a spin), Loddon

St Georges Distillery, Larling

Church Farm cafe (farm shop open), Hethersett

Marsh Larder, Harleston