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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Thursday 28 November 2013

Young at Heart. (Yaxham Waters Farm Cafe, Yaxham)

 Yaxham Waters Farm Cafe,
Opening times Sun-Thur 7-7,
Fri-Sat 7-10
Normally you want everything to go to plan, and this ride to Yaxham Waters Farm Cafe went like clockwork. Trouble is when writing a blog you really want something to happen on the ride worth writing about but there were no punctures, fallings off or getting lost so myself, and today's guest Andrew (who is notoriously hard to please), rolled into Yaxham right on schedule.

Outside main entrance of Yaxham Waters Farm Cafe
The first thing that struck me about Yaxham Waters Farm Cafe was the two outdoor seating areas, one front and one back. The large outdoor seating area at the back had the added bonus of overlooking a small pond. I assumed that the pond wasn't the whole of Yaxham waters as that would be rather disappointing. 

As it was again rather chilly we decide to sit inside. Although no spring chickens ourselves we noticed that we brought the average age of the Wednesday lunchtime customers down by a considerable margin. This was particularly surprising as apparently on a Thursday Yaxham Waters Farm Cafe offer a generous lunchtime OAP discount. I expect it is zimmer room only on those days. Maybe the old folk that were here today had got confused and come a day early.

The cake selection was good, with a choice of 3 sponges as well as scones and, although not strictly a cake, festive mince pies. All looked very nice so they got a good effective cake selection (ECS) rating. For the second cafe running there was a choice of hot chocolate (delux or Italianio) I went for the Italianio and coffee cake and Andrew a cappuccino and lemon cake. The hot chocolate was excellent and I look forward to trying the delux on a future visit. Andrew thought the quality of the coffee was very good but felt his cappuccino was a little weak and could have doubled up as a latte. However he is notoriously hard to please and still scored it a 7 (which is good for him). Both our cakes were very nice but could have been a touch moister for a really top mark.

All in all a very good ride and cafe stop. I have already put Thursday May 22nd 2030 in my diary to come for a visit so I can make use of the Yaxham Waters Farm Cafe generous Thursday lunchtime OAP discount. I was relieved to see I didn't have anything else already planned on that day.

I have been back twice since my first visit, the first time in 2014 when looking for Art  and again on 25th February 2016.

On this occasion I came with cycling guest Big George as our target cafe we had planned to go to was shut. Fortunately the one super hero special power (SHSP) I have, as the Cake Crusader, is to be able to identify where the nearest good cafe is from wherever I am (as long as it's in the Norfolk or North Suffolk Area). Standing in the car park by the cafe closed sign I immediately used my SHSP and we set off to Yaxham Waters.

Since my last visit it had a had a large and light extension built but despite the extra space it was still very full. I realised that today was a Thursday and as such the generous lunchtime OAP discount was in operation which may have explained the large clientèle. Sadly it will still be many years before I can make use of generous lunchtime OAP discount but I'm sure my day will come.

Cakes and drinks were good and very much in line with my previous visits.
Drink at cake on latest visit 
I was pleased that my SHSP had proved to be working well and had enable us to have good alternative stop. Sadly Marvel have not yet seen fit to make a film based on them, presumably as they are struggling to find a credible actor to play my part.

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