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Tuesday 15 April 2014

On the Buses. (Littlehaven Coffee Co, Norwich)

Littlehaven Coffee Co,
Closed Down
After the drama of my unexpected visit to the N and N intensive care unit last month (see sometime you need a plan b) and last weeks trial runs (see Practice makes perfect), today I finally felt ready to return to cafe reviewing albeit on the buses rather than my preferred cycling method.

It seemed like a great opportunity to try the Littlehaven Coffee Co. I have cycled past it many times but as it is only a couple of miles down the road it never figured as a potential stop on a bike ride. However as today was my first bus based cafe review it was perfect as it was just eight stops away. So with the sun shining I set of, with today's guest Mrs Crusader, for the bus stop.
Waiting for a bus at the bus stop.
It wasn't long before a bus turned up and we were on our way. As someone who has always used his bike as the primary form of transport (which is free) I was shocked by the cost of a short bus ride (which is not). Fortunately my guest paid. The quicker I can get back on my bike the cheaper.

We were soon at our stop and alighted (which is bus speak for got off) and headed straight for the Littlehaven Coffee Co. 
Outside the Littlehaven Coffee co.
Sadly for the first time without a bike.
It is tucked away down a side street and as a result has no outside seating area or stunning view but inside it is very nicely laid out and has a warm and friendly feel.

The first thing I noticed was there was a choice of hot chocolates and they were made from real chocolate. Each type was listed with their % cocoa strength. To demonstrate my macho hot chocolate credentials I obviously went for a 82% Madagascar, the strongest one. Mr Owner, (who was extremely friendly and welcoming) advised that I have some flavoured sugar on it (of which there was quite a selection) but I felt that was like having water in your whisky and I wanted it straight. Chris chose a skinny Mocha as her guest drink.
Hot chocolate selection
Next I reviewed the available cakes so as to award the effective cake selection (ECS) rating. In line with most small coffee shops the Littlehaven Coffee Co had a rather small ECS. I choose the raspberry and oat muffin type thing and Chris went for the orange and almond cake.
Cakes and drinks ready for reviewing
The hot chocolate was excellent although I think I should have had the sugar sprinkle as 82% is very strong. Chris also rated her skinny mocha highly. The raspberry and oat muffin type thing was good but a bit too healthy for me where as the orange and almond cake was exceptionally good.

The only thing I was puzzled about was why the Littlehaven Coffee Co was in Norwich and not Littlehaven in Wales. I wondered if the coffee beans were from the Pembrokeshire coffee plantations but they weren't so it remains a mystery.

The quality of drinks and cake at the Littlehaven Coffee Co. was extremely high and it has a lovely friendly atmosphere. If it had a larger ECS and the location was moved to overlook the Pembrokeshire coffee plantations then it would be almost perfect. Even so I would definitely recommend you check it out, especially if you are a hot chocolate lover like me. 

Before today's trip I decided I would introduce a new loyalty card feature as up to now I have always turned them down. So I was excited when Mr Owner thrust The Littlehaven Coffee Co. loyalty card in my hand. It requires only 8 LH coffee bean stamps for a free drink and has a nice artificial wood card design. It takes pride of place of as the first entry in my loyalty card picture album.

Obviously as it is less than two miles away I won't be publishing the route I took. 
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Effective Cake Selection
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