Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Wednesday 8 October 2014

Only 79 days to Christmas. (The Green House Coffee shop, Moulton St Mary)

Green House Coffee Shop,
Moulton st Mary,
Opening times Mon- Sat 09:30-16:30,
Sun 10:00-15:45,
Despite the end of the nice weather and a poor forecast I thought it was worth risking a cafe cycle ride but I needed to find a guest. I quickly discovered that the usual suspects all had prior engagements. My last invitation was to Barry and Helen and their Tandem. Unfortunately Helen was currently having a bionic knee fitted so would be out of action for a few weeks. However Barry (without their Tandem) kindly made himself available so cafe cycle reviewing was on and I planned a route out towards Acle. As well as a cafe or tearoom review, I was hoping that I might find some eggs for sale for my first Egg News update.

I met Barry outside Sainsburys and we set off with wind behind, and once out of Norwich travelled along a lot of windy little country lanes. Good for cycling but not for egg sales. We soon arrived at today's destination The Greenhouse Coffee shop at the garden centre in Moulton St Mary.
Outside entrance to Moulton Nurseries where you can find the
 green house coffee shop
To get through to the coffee shop you have to work you way through the garden centre labyrinthine. The first area we entered was full of Christmas decorations with some of Santa's little helpers finishing off the display. This was obviously a big day for the residents of Moulton St Mary as many of them had gathered here as soon as the decorations had been laid out. It was standing room only around may of the displays with a group of elderly ladies discussing this years baubles selection and another younger group planning their 2014 tinsel needs. I was soon sucked into the excitement and after reviewing the stock I can report that gold and silver are Christmas 2014 colours (or is that every year?)
Christmas display being finished off one day after the end of our Indian summer
Barry had to drag me away from the musical Santas before we fought our way through the Christmas crowds until we finally found the Greenhouse Coffee shop. We made our way past the sheltered outdoor seating area and went inside. At the counter there was a fine display of cakes. I suspect there were even more cakes earlier in the day as some of the sponges only had a couple of slices left. I awarded a good effective cake selection (ECS) score.
Badly photographed cake selection, A few empty slots in cake tower
suggested an even better selection was available earlier in the day
I liked the look of a cake and asked what it was. They told me it was Raspberry and a fruit I quickly forgot cake, so I orderer it and Barry a cherry flapjack. He went for Cappuccino for his drink. As Barry doesn't always have a hot drink or cake on bike rides I was very pleased to see him taking his guest reviewer role seriously.

We sat inside in one of the spacious eating areas. I Iiked the fact that they had got local art for sale on the walls but was disappointed that they hadn't yet put up their Christmas decorations like the rest of the garden centre.
Drinks and cakes to review.
Both our drinks were nice but very very hot. Barry liked his cappuccino although he felt that he makes a better one with his new very expensive coffee machine in his kitchen. As I don't drink coffee I'll never know if this is true or if he was just showing off about his Barista skills and gadget.

Barry liked his flapjack and my cake was nice. I was hoping that I would be able to identify the other fruit in my Raspberry and a fruit I quickly forgot cake but it seemed to be mainly raspberry to me so then I wasn't sure if they had actually said there was another fruit in it or not. It was still a good cake and the Greenhouse Coffee shop was a nice stop.

We went back to the garden centre labyrinthine and after finding we couldn't get out the same way we came in we finally got back to our bikes and set off again for the return home.

When we got to Blofield Heath I spotted a sign for the Sheltered Horticultural Employment Scheme which amongst other things had free range eggs for sale. This was very exciting as it would be my first Egg News update. I can therefore report in Egg News that eggs here cost £1.25 per half dozen (which is a 5p saving from the equivalent cost at Tescos).This makes them the cheapest eggs I have so far found anywhere in Norfolk!

After this excitement it was a quick ride back. Once home I immediately began a Christmas decoration inventory and planning review so we don't miss out on this years must have decorations.

Score for the Green House Coffee shop
Hot Choc Quality
Guest Hot Drink Quality
Effective Cake Selection
Cake Quality
Ambiance and Atmosphere
Café Rating

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