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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Friday 5 December 2014

American History. (Lincoln's Tea and Coffee Shoppe)

Opening times Tue-Sun 
Big George, today's cycling guest, was already 15 minutes late for the start of our ride when I got his text telling me he would be late as he had a puncture to mend. I thought this a little ironic as the cycling guest top cycling tip he had offered up last time we went out was to put on thicker winter tyres to avoid punctures at this time of year, which he had done. I was now looking forward to what useless tip he would be offering in today's cycling guest cycling top tip feature later in the post.

When he eventually arrived we set off for a ride out to Lincoln's Tea and Coffee Shoppe In Hingham. For History buffs I had done some pre ride research and apparently Abraham Lincoln, the famous American President, had ancestors who emigrated from Hingham to America in 1637. If they hadn't Abraham Lincoln would probably have become our British Prime Minister or King instead of their American President, and Hingham would be our capital city, makes you think. Sadly there is no evidence that Abraham Lincoln ever visited the Tea and Coffee Shoppe named after his family. Probably because it wasn't opened until 130 ish years after he was shot.
President Abraham Lincoln who despite the Family connections
has never been to Hingham and is unlikely ever to visit as he is now dead. 
On the way out I asked Big George for his useless cycling tip suggestion for the new feature so here it is.
Guest cyclist top cycling tip No 4. In summer, to make yourself visible when signalling to other road users, wear fluorescent yellow or orange cycling mitts. 

This seemed a very good idea although it transpired that Big George only purchased his hi-viz mits as they were on special offer and not for health and safety reasons.

Despite not wearing his safety mitts today (as it was not summer and therefore too cold), we still managed to arrive at our destination in one piece.
Outside Lincoln's Tea and Coffee Shoppe in the outdoor seating area
Lincoln's have cleverly called themselves a Tea and Coffee Shoppe (no its not a typo) to give it an olde worlde feel. This is just the sort of thing Big George hates so we were not off to a promising start. Outside there is an outside seating area overlooking the green and inside are some comfy chairs by the door or a more formal dining area. Big George refused to go into the dining area as it looked too twee for him so we sat by the door.

The cakes were behind the themed Victorian style internal window so were a bit hard to see (or photograph). There were some nice large scones (cheese and fruit), one slice of ginger cake or red velvet cake. Not a big choice so not a big effective cake selection (ECS) rating. Although I did still struggle to choose between cake and scone but in the end went cake while Big George went cheese scone.
Difficult to photograph cake selection
I think we discussed the finer points of 19th Century American History and its impact on the development of Western civilisation, or possibly football, until our cakes and drinks arrived. The best thing was the warmed cheese scone which was very large and tasty. The red velvet cake was pretty good as well but was a little icing rich. My hot chocolate and Big George's filter coffee were fairly standard but decent drinks.
Cakes and drinks on table by the door
Overall Lincoln's Tea and Coffee Shoppe proved to be a good solid cycle stop if not of a style that Big George particularly approved of. 

The way back was uneventful as we kept racing each other whilst pretending we weren't so I was rather tired when I got home and ready for my afternoon nap. 

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