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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Monday, 12 January 2015

Norfolk Cafe Cycle Tour 2015 goals

2015 Cafe Cycle Goals

Last year was the first full year for the Cake Crusader but I foolishly didn't set any goals at the start of last year. Although I felt it had been a good year of Cafe Cycling I had no measured way of knowing if I had been successful. A real oversight.

I will not be falling in to that trap again in 2015 and so have set 10 goals (with measures of how I do against them) for the year. I have combined this with the excitement of a new data capture spreadsheet on my phone. This will allow for the production of a quarterly progress report and give myself everything I need for a full end of year cafe cycle performance review. I can then see if 2015 turns out to be a successful cafe cycling year or not.

The 10 cafe cycle goals (and measures) for 2015 are:

  1. Cycle to more than the 80 different cafes I visited in 2014 by avoiding any more near death experiences this year.(Measure: number of cafes visited greater than 80,  number near death experiences less than 1)
  2. Record number of bike miles covered in the search for cafes to produce even more fascinating cycle/cafe/cake related facts. (Measure: Bike miles accurately recorded via bike GPS and new data capture spreadsheet)
  3. Campaign to stop cafes serving cake on top of the serviette as this renders them useless for mouth wiping activity (Measure: Cake serviette serving coefficient is greater than 80%)
  4. Get cake Tuesday (first Tuesday after Black Friday and cyber Monday) to be a nationally recognised day (Measure: More press and media coverage than the 1 retweet of 2014)
  5. Encourage all cafes to follow the old rhyme 'cheese Scone hot, fruit scone not' at all times (Measure: Cheese scones severed warm over 90%) 
  6. Produce the egg map of Norfolk for all egg news flash fans (Measure: Map produced and on blog by March 2015)
  7. Work out how to carry eggs safely on a road bike so I too can make use of the egg map of Norfolk. (Measure: Successful purchase and transportation of 6 eggs by EOY) 
  8. Publish answers on Twitter to all the cake and cafe related questions I get (Measure: At Least 2 Q and A each month on Twitter)
  9. Record the data required to produce a quarterly progress report and have an end of year cafe cycle performance review (Measure: Produce Quarterly report of cafe/cycle/cake facts and publish end of year performance review write up)
  10. Break the world record for most cafes visited on a calorie neutral bike ride in one day (Measure: Cycle to 20 cafes in one day as per the official calorie neutral bike ride rules)
2015 now looks like being an exciting and properly governed year for the Cake Crusader.

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