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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Sunday, 5 April 2015

How is it going?

Q1 update on 2015 Cafe Cycle Goals

You may remember at the start of the year I very sensibly set some goals for the year in order to make sure that my cafe cycling activities had proper focus and governance and to make sure that I was developing as a cafe cycle reviewer. I find it hard to believe that I was able to do any meaningful cafe cycling before I had put these bad boys in place.

Well now we are at the end of Q1 it's time to check up on how it's going. So here is an update on progress. I hope to shortly develop a meaningless 9 box grid system to plot my development.

1. Cycle to more than the 80 different cafes I visited in 2014 by avoiding any more near death experiences this year.(Measure: number of cafes visited greater than 80,  number near death experiences less than 1)
This is going extremely well with no near death experiences to date whereas I had already had one by this time last year. I'm also ahead on the visit target having reviewed 21 cafes in Q1. I could even break the 100 barrier as I have some exciting adventures planned for later in the year.

2. Record number of bike miles covered in the search for cafes to produce even more fascinating cycle/cafe/cake related facts. (Measure: Bike miles accurately recorded via bike GPS and new cafe cycle data capture spreadsheet)
My cycle cafe data capture cycle spreadsheet is in full swing and I can report I'm operating at 33 miles cycling per cake, which seems a lot and clearly I should be stopping more often.

3.Campaign to stop cafes serving cake on top of the serviette as this renders them useless for mouth wiping activity (Measure: Cake serviette serving coefficient is greater than 80%)
This is going very well with only 4 cafes placing the cake on the serviette giving a cake serviette serving coefficient of 82%. Two of the 4 cafes have also stated they will no longer being letting this happen. Remember #Keep Cake off Serviettes.

4. Get cake Tuesday (first Tuesday after Black Friday and cyber Monday) to be a nationally recognised day 
(Measure: More press and media coverage than the 1 retweet of 2014)
No progress yet as this is not until November but I am formulating plans

5. Encourage all cafes to follow the old rhyme 'cheese Scone hot, fruit scone not' at all times 
(Measure: Cheese scones served warm factor of over 90%) 
Poor progress here I'm afraid. I have had 8 warm and 5 cold scones so far so cheese scone served warm factor is only 62%. I shall have to up my game here.

8. Publish answers on Twitter to all the cake and cafe related questions I get (Measure: At Least 2 Q and A each month on Twitter)
Well ahead here with 13 cake or cycling based questions answered to date. As there is so much rich information I will blog them all later in the year.

9. Record the data required to produce a quarterly progress report and have an end of year cafe cycle performance review (Measure: Produce Quarterly report of cafe/cycle/cake facts and publish end of year performance review write up)
Data has been successfully captured on the cafe cycle data capture spreadsheet for all cafe cycle rides this year. Quarterly report format under development.

10.Break the world record for most cafes visited on a calorie neutral bike ride in one day (Measure: Cycle to 20 cafes in one day as per the official calorie neutral bike ride rules)
Good Progress with date set (September 11th) and 9 cafe ride practice ride completed with lots of learning. Route firming up. More trial runs and practice needed but I now think it might just be possible.

Dumped goals.
6. Produce the egg map of Norfolk for all egg news flash fans (Measure: Map produced and on blog by March 2015)
I have decided to drop this plan as my cycling guests were getting fed up of having to stop everytime I saw an eggs for sale sign (which can be quite often)

7. Work out how to carry eggs safely on a road bike so I too can make use of the egg map of Norfolk. 
(Measure: Successful purchase and transportation of 6 eggs by EOY) 

No longer required

I believe this show exceptional progress and that I'm continuing to develop well as a cafe cycle reviewer. Let's hope Q2 is just as successful.

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