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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Saturday 12 December 2015

Egg Sandwich ? (Number 14, Wroxham)

Number 14,
Opening times Mon-Sat 09:00-16:00,
Sun 10:00-16:00,
After all the recent excitement searching for the cheese scone of the year 2015 (see Cheese Scone Year winner announced) it was good to get back to some of my other cycle cafe projects.

Top of the list at the moment is to make progress on my cafe sticker album. This involves going to cafes named after their road number until I have got 1-100 in my collection. So far I have done 5,7,24,28 and 51 meaning I still have much work, and cycling, to do in order to visit the missing ninety-five.

To get things moving again then yesterday I was joined by cycling guest Big George for a ride out to Number 14 at Wroxham. 

On the ride out Big George was only interested in knowing if I had done my research on Number 14 to see if they had a fried egg sandwich on their menu. As Big George has probably accompanied me as a guest on over 50 cafe cycle rides I would had thought by now he may have noticed that I was only interested in cake and that as an egg sandwich is not cake I neither knew or cared if it was on the Number 14 menu.

The rest of the way was a pleasant ride through the woods north of Norwich until we arrived in Wroxham and found Number 14 on the main high street.
Outside Number 14 in Wroxham
There is a small outdoor seating area to one side and a few tables inside, where we managed to grab the last one available as even on a cold December day Number 14 seemed popular. I was particularly impressed by the chandelier that was an unexpected feature in cafe this size.
Unexpected chandelier
I checked out the cakes in order to award the effective cake selection (ECS) score. There were 2 nice big sponges and some interesting slices plus scones so I awarded a reasonable ECS. I went for a slice of the large Victoria sponge.
My finger plus cakes and scones with slices available in chiller cabinet below
Meanwhile Big George was checking out the breakfast menu and ordered a bacon sandwich. I asked him why he had not gone for a fried egg sandwich after all the whinging. I pointed out that fried eggs were available as were sandwiches and I was sure the two could have been combined to fulfil his needs but apparently he didn't like to make a fuss. Well he had made enough fuss on the way out here so I felt so I felt he could have at least tried. 

Our drinks and my cake soon arrived. Big George thought his coffee was very good and gave a high guest hot drink quality (HHDQ) mark. My hot chocolate really needed to be a bit stronger as it was rather milky although still a reasonable drink.
Cakes and drinks plus not an egg Sandwich
The cake was very nice and grew on me the more I had. However it was served partially on the serviette rending it useless remember #keepcakeoffserviettes.
State of serviette after removing cake from it
We both really liked Number 14 and recommend it as a good venue if you are stopping off in Broadland.

We set off for the remaining 13 miles to get home but after the previous two days of riding in search of scones I was really feeling it which led to today's cycling guest cycling top tip.

Cycling guest cycling top tip no. 38. If your cycling partner is tired make sure go just fast enough so they can't keep up and take advantage of your slip stream. Tough love but it will encourage them to train harder in future.

When I eventually got home I was completely spent but I will be implementing cycling guest cycling top tip no. 35 when I have recovered and am next out on a ride with Big George. To cheer myself up I got out my cafe sticker album and was able to fill in Number 14 leaving only another ninety four cafes to go to complete the set.

Hot Choc Quality
Guest Hot Drink Quality
Effective Cake Selection
Cake Quality
Ambiance and Atmosphere
Café Rating

Click here to download 41 mile Norwich Wroxham loop GPX file for your gps

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