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Friday 5 February 2016

Compulsory Hummus. (Amandines cafe, Diss)

Amandines Cafe,
Opening times Tue-Sat 10:00-17:00,
Highly Recommended 
Due to the amount of high winds we have been having recently it has been difficult to get out on a ride with out putting my cycling guests into potential danger. I can think of nothing worse than setting off on a cafe cycle ride only for my cycling guest to be blown off their bikes and suffer a serious wind induced cycling guest injury (SWICGI). I would then have no one to rate the guest hot drink at the cafe stop and the ride would have counted for nothing. It just isn't worth the risk.

Fortunately, although the winds today were still fairly strong, they were below the speed at which I felt a SWICGI was likely and therefore the planned ride could go ahead with today's cycling guest Big George. As the wind was from the south we decided to head down to Diss so we could be blown home on the way back.

Like me Big George has opted for a two bike strategy with a lighter summer bike and a more heavy duty one, with tough tyres and mudguards, for wet and slippery winter conditions. I changed to my winter bike back in October and have suffered no punctures or wet backs since. Big George, on the other hand, has had several of both and only today finally got his winter bike out leading to today's cycling guest cycling top tip.

Cycling Guest cycling top tip No 43. To get best use form your winter bike try learning which months correspond to which season. (To find out more then the ladybird book of weather is a good source).

My most regular cycling guests; Andrew (who is notoriously hard to please) and Big George both used to follow the way of the vegetarian but where as Andrew has stuck to his principals Big George has lapsed due to it being too much faff to cook veg for himself and dead things for the rest of his family. However I knew given the choice he still likes the way of the vegetarian best so as a treat we would be going to Amandines Vegetarian cafe today.

We battled into the wind down to Diss, safe in the knowledge that a puncture or untimely skid was unlikely, where we found Amandines cafe in a little courtyard area.
Outside Amandines cafe about to put bike security measures into operation
There didn't appear to be an outdoor seating option so we headed inside to find two indoor seating areas; a more cosy set of tables near the counter or a bigger indoor atrium seating space. The place was busy and represented the most vegetarians I had ever seen at one time. We both liked the whole feel and set up so gave Amandines a high atmosphere and ambiance (AAA) rating.
Actual Vegetarians in the indoor atrium space
I was looking forward to some actual vegetarian cake to see how it compared to the normal meat eaters cake I was used to so I checked out the available cakes in order to decide on the effective cake selection (ECS) rating. To save space the cake display only had one slice of each type of vegetarian cake making it look a little sparse. There was vegetarian carrot cake and vegetarian courgette and lime cake which I understood as I know carrots and courgettes are vegetables. I was a bit more confused by the other cakes on offer. First there was Tunisian orange cake but I know an orange is a fruit not a vegetable, with the final offering being chocolate fudge cake and chocolate and fudge are neither fruit or vegetable so not sure what this was doing in a vegetarian cake selection. As there were not many cakes available I could only give a moderate ECS score.
Vegetarian cake selection although not all the cakes had vegetables in them
Big George obviously went for one of the cakes with vegetables in, courgette and lime, to go with his filter coffee but I went for the Tunisian Orange cake to accompany my hot chocolate. As it was lunchtime we also had a jacket potato each. Big George explained that in a vegetarian restaurant it was compulsory to have something called hummus so I did and it was very nice.
Jacket potato with compulsory hummus
Our drinks were both very large which in some establishments can sometimes lead to a weak drink but this was not the case at Amandines cafe and we were both impressed by the strength and taste of our drinks leading to high drinks marks.
Nice large and strong drinks
On the cakes front, despite the lack of vegetables, I found my Tunisian orange cake to be quite excellent. Big George liked his lime and courgette cake too, but not quite as much as mine, leading to a high cake taste quality (CTQ) mark.
Tunisian orange and courgette and lime cakes
I very much enjoyed my visit to Amandines cafe and experiencing the way of the vegetarian. It had rated very well and I recommend a visit even for non vegetarians like me.

Due to my excellent planning it was now wind behind on the way home and this combined with the energy giving powers of compulsory hummus meant we were back in no time at all.
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