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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Saturday 18 June 2016

Climbing tips (Biddys tearoom, Aylsham)

Biddy’s Kitchen,
Opening times Mon- Sat 09:00-17:00,

(Note most recent visit was August 2021 see Let the adventure begin)
Yesterday was the second of my back to back cafe cycle rides I had planned to slip in before my Ironman triathlon in Austria next weekend (did I mention I was doing an Ironmam triathlon). It was also the first chance I had to discuss my next European cycling adventure with today's cycling guest Big George. This time to check out the cafes in the Italian Dolomite's in late August. 

However before that we had today's ride to accomplish which was a forty mile route visiting Biddy's Kitchen in Aylsham. I had planned the most mountainous way I could find to help Big George tune his climbing skills although Ringland Hills is no Monte Grappa, it was a start. On the way we discussed the best ways of improving your cycling up hill ability and came up with two ideas. First do lots of cycling and second loose weight.

We soon arrived in Alysham and found Biddy's Kitchen in one of the corners of the square. 
Outside Biddy's Kitchen in Alysham Square
We took our bikes round the back to a rather eclectic outdoor seating area featuring both a sofa and normal tables and chairs.
Eclectic outdoor seating area
Once inside it was clear Biddy's had set out to achieve a vintage tea room theme with period features and Vera Lynn Muzak. We decided to sit at the indoor sofa and period seating area but Big George soon became too self conscious and we moved on to a more traditional table.
Period seating area
The cake selection was excellent with lots of cakes, slices and scones to choose from, including a rather impressive Eton Mess cake. I awarded a high effective cake selection (ECS) score. I went for a slice of white chocolate and cherry cake and then, right out of left field, Big George asked for a lavender scone. As Big George has previously stated he doesn't like scones so this was a bit of a surprise but apparently he likes lavender although had never before eaten any.
Impressive looking Eton Mess cake which was part of impressive cake selection
On the drinks front the focus is on tea so only filter coffee is available meaning Big George had one of those and I had my normal hot chocolate. Big George thought his coffee was really good although I found my hot chocolate a little too milky for top marks.
Coffee and hot chocolate
My cake came accompanied with cream and the Lavender scone had cream and lemon curd. The combination was very good and Big George thought it was excellent (as was my cake) and kept saying how much he had enjoyed it on our return ride. I'm worried he will start randomly adding lavender to all his cooking which I'm sure won't go down well with Mrs Big George after a similar experience with Cinnamon and chilli flakes.
Cherry and white chocolate cake plus the lavender scone
Biddy's Kitchen was a very nice cycle stop with good cakes and drinks (especially if you are a tea drinker) and friendly staff so I recommend a visit. As a bonus Biddy's also had a loyalty card for me to add to my collection and some white chocolate and Apricot flapjack which I took away to try as part of my search for flapjack year 2016.It was mighty fine flapjack and should make it though to my end of year flapjack off

As we set off on the way home I realised our cream based cakes and scones had not helped in the losing weight part of our mountain climbing improvement plan so I suggest that Big George join me on a 100 mile sportive I was doing next month. He looked at me like I had just asked him if he wanted to come on a training camp in Syria which I took to be a no. I'm now not convinced that many mountains will be conquered on our August trip (note sadly I proved to be correct on this  see Monte Grappa cycling Adventure day 1).

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click here to down load 40 mile Norwich Aylsham loop GPX file for your GPS

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