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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Norwich to St Andrews cycle ride update.

Norwich to St Andrews
Ride latest news

It is now just over a month until myself and Chris (Mrs Crusader) set off on our sponsored ride along national cycle route1 from Norwich to St Andrews. 

You may recall this trip came about as a result of Chris being lady captain at the local golf club this year. Apart from giving her the opportunity to play even more golf, then being lady captain also gives her the opportunity to raise money for her favourite charity. Obviously her favourite charity is bicycle related being world bicycle relief (WBR). The money raised provides specially designed, locally assembled bikes to students and healthcare workers in rural Africa; connecting them with education, healthcare and economic opportunities. Click here for video about WBR

Pretending I was keen to offer support I said I would help in the fund raising by organising a sponsored bike ride for her but I obviously had an additional motive. She eagerly accepted my offer so she could concentrate on golf related activities and therefore walked straight into my trap. As well as raising money for a great cause it would be an excellent opportunity for some cafe cycle reviewing activity as well. I have never reviewed any cafe, or tearoom, above the Wash and I'm not sure what the cafe culture is like up North. I therefore came up with a plan for us to ride from her Golf Club in Bawburgh to St Andrews golf club in Scotland. After some research I found it was only a 574 mile ride which could mainly be done on national cycle route 1. I was sure that we could knock it off in a week or so and visit a good 10-20 cafes for good measure.

It transpired that her idea of a sponsored cycle (100ish miles over a day) and mine were an order of magnitude out in length but after pointing out the golf theme of the ride she agreed to give it a go. 

Planning is nearly complete with the route sorted (see map below) and accommodation booked. I am now starting to research some good cafes to visit and review (any suggestions welcomed). I have also purchased some rather clever bags so we can hopefully carry everything with out the need of a rack, panniers or a rucksack, apparently mainly on my bike.
My bike with 5 different frame bags
Chris's bike with small bag carrier on the front
Golfing activities is making the amount of training required more difficult for one of us which should at least make the drama of seeing if we actually get there or not more exciting.
Out on training ride in team kit
If anyone would like to sponsor this great cause and encourage Mrs Crusader to spend more time on her bike and less on the golf course then you can do so here. Your help will be really appreciated. 


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