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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Thursday 3 November 2016

Rest. (Coffee House, Ketteringhall)

The Coffee House,
Changed hands see Bladder Training
After a busy year of running, cycling and triathloning I decided it would be wise to take a couple of weeks off before starting training again for next years endurance challenges (which I'm sure everybody is looking forward to hearing about). However after 3 days of this resting nonsense I decided that a quick cafe cycle ride wouldn't do any harm so arranged to sneak out on the bike, with regular cycling guest Big George, but decided to keep it quiet from my legs and hoped they won't notice.

Due to the number of other cycling activities I had been doing recently then I hadn't seen Big George for a while so as soon as we set off it was time for a catch up. I told him all about the fun I had been having fixing the problems on my new computer while he told me all about the latest housework he had been doing and some particularly challenging washing up. 

With such fascinating topics being covered time flew by as we arrived at the Coffee House in Ketteringhall.
Standing by the outside seating area at the Coffee House Kenninghall
There was a nicely positioned outdoor seating area from which you could watch all the action in Ketteringhall unfold including a particularly good view of the movements in and out of the Ketteringhall village stores and post office on the other side of the road.

But we had no time for local people watching as there was cafe reviewing to be done so it was straight inside to check out the cakes. It seemed like quite a small cake selection with only Victoria sponge, rhubarb and custard cake and bananoff muffins available. However as I chose between them it was clearly a very effective selection so got the highest effective cake selection (ECS) mark that that few cakes could get.
Small but effective cake selection
I went for the rhubarb and custard cake with my hot chocolate, whilst Big George went for a filter coffee and bacon sandwich. He clearly saw my disappointment at him not caking and so ordered a toasted tea cake. This of course did not help as I have stated on many occasions that, despite having the word cake in it, a toasted tea cake is clearly not a cake but a bread with added raisins, plus its toasted and you should never try and toast cake. Therefore Big George's contribution would only be to rate his hot drink.
Big Georges Coffee, Bacon Sandwich and toasted tea cake, non of which are cakes
I thought my hot chocolate was a nice one and scored well as did my cake, however Big George seemed to be in a sulk and didn't rate his coffee that highly.
My Hot Chocolate and actual cake
Despite this I thought that the Coffee House in Kenninghall had proved to be a nice stop and fills a big gap for cafes in that area on my locations map.

As we set off on the ride home Big George still seemed to be in a strop. I questioned him further on his problem and eventually got to the bottom of it. It wasn't, as I had assumed, that he had been told off for not caking properly but that the nice lady who had served us hadn't asked him how far he had cycled today and he always likes to be asked. I therefore promised I would make it clear in my post that we had cycled nearly 44 miles and that he had done very well, which seemed to cheer him up.

When I got home my legs didn't seem to have noticed their outing so tomorrow I will continue my exercise downtime by sneaking out again for another quick cafe cycle ride, which is my type of resting. 

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Click here to download 44 mile Norwich Kenninghall loop gpx file to your gps

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