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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Thursday 6 April 2017

Letter posting. (New Flavours, Dereham)

New Flavours,
Everyday 08:00-22:00,
I require certain things from my cafe cycle stops, the most important being cake. On the other hand Big George is not a big fan of sweet treats so doesn't always approve of my quaint tea room choices. I was therefore a bit nervous when he asked if he could pick the destination for today's ride. Big George is one of my most reliable cycling guests and as I am keen to keep him onside I reluctantly agreed. He said he knew of an excellent Portuguese cafe in Dereham so on a beautiful Spring morning we headed off there.
Beautiful Spring conditions we experienced today
The only jeopardy today was an urgent letter I had been given by Mrs Crusader which she asked me to post during the ride. I had put it in my back pocket and despite being reminded "don't forget to post the letter" just before we left I found it was still in my cycle top when I was looking for my bike lock key outside Big George's cafe of choice, New Flavours, just off the high street in Dereham.
Outside New Flavours cafe/restaurant in Dereham
I decided there must be post boxes in Dereham so would post it after our break and we went inside.

New Flavours is open for Breakfast all the way through to evening meals and does take away as well so I was worried it might be a Jack of all trades (but it wasn't). It has a very Portuguese feel with Portuguese TV on show (sound off but with subtitles, in Portuguese, so you still knew what was going on in Portugal), Portuguese newspapers, Portuguese posters but most importantly, in the cake selection, authentic Portuguese tarts.
Interesting selection of cakes but mainly Portuguese tarts
I love Portuguese tarts but as they are rather small I pointed at the other item I liked the look of and asked what it was. Apparently it was "normal cake" as it seems they only have the one type in Portugal as most people just eat the tarts, so I had a piece of that as well.

True to form Big George didn't go with cake but ordered a fried egg sandwich to go with his cappuccino.

Everything was looking good until my cake and tart turned up. They had only gone and served them on the serviette rending it useless. I added Portugal to the growing list of countries I will have to sort out once I have eradicated the problem here in the UK.
Cake and tart on serviette. Remember #keepcakeoffserviettes
Big Georges egg sandwich also arrived in the same style but he didn't seem bothered as he claimed it was the best egg sandwich he had had anywhere in Norfolk. I photoed it to add to my Big Georges egg sandwich album which I hope to publish in a retrospective collection one day.
Fabulous double egg egg sandwich
Our drinks were very large, very hot and pretty good in taste. The normal cake was excellent but the highlight was the Portuguese tart which was fabulous. It was clear that New Flavours delivered a high quality product and if there were more types of cake in Portugal they would have rated even higher. Its well worth a visit.
Cakes and drinks
As it was Big George's turn to pay it became clear why he had requested we came here as our drinks, cakes and egg sandwich only came to £7.20 which is about half our normal bill. I decided that I wouldn't invite him when I cycle to have tea at the Ritz, if I ever do.

On the way back we discussed the various garden projects we were planning as it is traditional to think about doing gardening at Easter even if progress rarely gets past the compulsory visit to the Garden centre.

When I got home Mrs Crusader asked if I had remembered to post her urgent letter. "Of course I had" I said as I hurriedly headed back out to the Pillar Box at the end of our street.
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