Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Wednesday 3 May 2017

Dilemma (Art Gallery tearoom, Acle)

The Studio Art Gallery and Tearoom,
Mon- Fri 10:00-16:00, Sat and Sun 10:00- 14:00,
I recently had to buy a new bike after reading in a magazine that any serious cyclist always needs to have n+1 bikes and I only had n. As with any new bike it needs the odd tweak to get it running perfectly and, after its first couple of rides, mine was no exception .

I therefore planned a cafe cycle ride to first visit a new cafe before going past the bike shop; In-a-spin where I could get the tune up done. Mrs Crusader was going to be my cycling guest for the day.

I foolishly told her that for the first stop we would be going to the recently opened Studio Art Gallery and Tearoom in Acle. From the name she quickly deduced that they sell paintings which was worrying as she has been known to make art purchases on such occasions. I had a difficult dilemma to wrestle with. Do I make sure that no credit cards were taken on the ride, which would stop more art turning up, or do I take the credit card for any necessary bike accessory purchases I might need to make? 

On reflection I decided it would be a cash only trip and after a quick body search we set off for the Studio Art Gallery and Tearoom which we found on the high street in Acle.
Outside the tearoom
There were indoor and outdoor seating areas available but we chose a nice table by the door. The cake selection was a very good one so I awarded a high effective cake selection (ECS) mark. As a bonus there were sausage rolls available too. I bought a couple to be tested later for my sausage roll of the year competition #SROTY. (Note, they turned out to be very good ones).
Excellent cake selection
The only slight disappointment was that both my hot chocolate and Mrs Crusader's Mocha were a little week but on the plus side the cakes were very good indeed and my choice of the unusually sounding walnut and courgette was well worth the risk. I therefore gave high cake taste quality marks.
Excellent cakes made up for the weak drinks
The Studio Art Gallery and Tearoom was a good stop and has the added bonus that you can look at (or buy) some paintings as you enjoy your refreshments. 

From here me set off to Loddon meaning a trip on the Reedham ferry, which is always a treat, especially as we had the whole ship to ourselves.
Boarding the HMS Reedham ferry
By the time we got to In-a-spin the slight rubbing noise that I had been worried about had gone away which rather defeated the point of the ride but we popped in anyway so I could start planning my next purchase as I now only have n bikes again. 

With all objectives now complete, and no bike or Art purchases made, we complete the ride safely home.

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