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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Tuesday 19 February 2019

More Car Park Action. (Antiques and Coffee Shop, Stradbroke)

Antiques and Coffee Shop,
Mon-Sat 10:00-4:30,
Sun 10:30-4:00
As I have mentioned several times recently it has become increasingly difficult to find new cafes to cycle to from Crusader Towers in Norwich or Hard to Please House in Aylsham. Therefore I have recently started to drive to the start of the rides to open up new areas to explore. Today was such a day as I was joined by Mrs Crusader for a trip to North Suffolk.

As a result of this approach I have been able to start a new feature (and associated spreadsheet) as I go in search for the top 10 best free car parks to start a cycle ride from. On this trip I identified my 2nd free car park which was in the centre of the village of Mendham and went straight into the top 10 at number 2.
Todays free car park to start a cycle ride from was at Mendham
I am currently adding this feature to my blog and website so let me know where your favourite free car park to start a cycle ride from is.

The ride itself was a good one, albeit a bit windy, as we enjoyed the more rolling countryside this area offers. We also cycled down a very appropriate named road which I felt must be a good omen for the day

Todays stop was at the Stradbroke Antiques and Coffee shop in Stradbroke. We were able to take the bikes round the back before entering the establishment through the outdoor seating area, which wasn't in operation today. Inside were two seating areas and a lot of 'Antiques'.
Outside the back entrance to the Stradbroke Antiques and Coffee shop
The cake selection was split between a display fridge and counter unit and had most cake bases covered. 
The fridge part of the cake selection
I opted for a dark hot chocolate and caramel cake while Mrs Crusader had americano and chocolate cake.
Todays cakes and drinks but can you spot what was wrong?
Everything was very nice without being exceptional although Mrs Crusader thought her coffee was one of the better Americanos she had had and scored it highly. However everything was not well in the cake serving department as for the first time this year my cake had arrived on its serviette and we all know what I think about that! Remember #Keepcakeoffserviettes. 
Cake on serviette, arghhhhhhhh!
Despite this the Stradbroke Antiques and Coffee shop had performed well and I recommend a visit.

It was also good that there were scones available for testing as I continue my hunt for fruit scone of the year #FSOTY. After a slow start I have now tried 10 scones so far so have already eliminated 2 as only the top 8 will make it through to the knockout stages at the end of the year. I bet you can hardly wait, I know I can't.
Today's scone enterent
Hot Choc Quality
Guest Hot Drink Quality
Effective Cake Selection
Cake Quality
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Café Rating
Click here to download 33 mile Mendham Stradbroke loop gpx file to your gps

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