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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Wednesday 11 December 2013

Cold comfort (The Courtyard Cafe. Wymondham)

Courtyard Coffee Shop,

Opening times Mon-Sat 09:00-16:00
On my last ride (A matter of taste) Big George recommended I try the Courtyard Cafe in Wymondham, a more down to earth cafe with no Victorian waiters to freak him out. So despite the chilly weather I set of on a ride with today's guests, Chris (wife) and Barry and Helen and their tandem, to try it out.

Due to the freezing fog my hands were very cold and I found myself cursing Father Christmas. Santa had let it be known that he couldn't think of anything he thought I would like to find in my festive stocking this year. I had therefore written to him suggesting that inner cycle gloves would make an excellent Christmas gift and although I had been planning to buy a pair I would wait in order that he could give me a present. I was now thinking this was a bad idea as by Christmas I would probably have got frost bite and have had a number of my fingers amputated. This would not only mean the inner gloves will no longer fit but would rendered the gift useless causing me to have to think of an alternative one. 

Despite the onset of hypothermia, Chris was also struggling with very cold feet, we arrived safely at The Courtyard Cafe in Wymondham.
Outside The Courtyard Cafe. It was much colder than it looks
The outside seating area overlooks the carpark and was far too cold for today so we went straight inside. While the others found a seat  I checked the cake selection. Carrot or coffee cake and fruit or cheese scone. Not a huge selection but all looked nice giving an average effective cake selection score. I ordered hot chocolate and cheese scone, Chris skinny mocha and fruit scone, Helen skinny mocha and Barry cappuccino.

It was at this point Chris came up with her new invention to warm up feet. Scloves or was it Glocks.
First ever photo of Scloves/Glocks in action
This was the brilliant idea of putting her gloves on her feet. Chris seemed to think this would quickly warm her toes up and was very excited when the feeling soon returned to each foot. She was quickly on her smart phone looking for the application form for dragons den and would not listen to the possibility that sitting by the radiator was probably the true reason for her warm toes. On the positive side if anyone is going to a poultry based fancy dress party then she maybe onto something.

The scones and drinks were all good and were just what we needed to fuel us for the return journey. The Scloves/Glocks were returned to Chris's hands, which she claimed demonstrated their multifunctional use, (or only use) and we set off home in order to warm up again.

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