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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Monday, 6 January 2014

Will it be a record?

I have just contacted the Guinness book of world records people to ask if I can set a record for most cafes visited on a calorie neutral bicycle ride as below.

I'm a keen cyclist and cafe/tearoom visitor. I have recently been trying to visit as many cafes on my bike in Norfolk as I can. I would therefore like to set a record of visiting as many as possible on a single bike ride. However I feel a visit needs to include a hot drink and piece of cake. Therefore the rule on this ride is that the next cafe cannot be visited until all the calories from the last have been burnt.I calculate an average cake and hot chocolate is 400 calories so these must be cycled off before the next cafe stop. I reckon a good cyclist would do this in about half an hour over about 9-10 miles. I think a world record target of 15-20 cafes on a single ride would be challenging as that would involve about 200 miles cycling fast, eating 20 bits of cake plus 20 hot drinks, planning the optimum route, finding cafes open at right times etc
I will measure it with a pulse/calorie counter showing 400 calories have been burnt before each cafe stop, photo evidence at each cafe of calories burnt and sign off from cafe that I ate the cake and drunk the drink.
I'm doing this as I want to promote cycling as i'm very keen to encourage people to get out on their bikes. I am 50 but pretty fit as I do marathons and iron-man triathlons.

I should hear back from them in about 12 weeks to see if they will authorise this (or a variation) as a record. Fingers crossed.

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