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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Tuesday 11 March 2014

Its a lovely day for it (Kemps Cabin, High Kelling)

Kemps Cabin (Now Kelling Stores Cafe),
Mon-Fri 9-5:30, Sat 9-1:30
In 3 weeks time myself and today's guest, Andrew (who is notoriously hard to please) are off to Nice for some cycling in the foot hills of the Alps and hopefully some international cafe cycle reviewing. As we are meant to be cycling 200 miles in 3 days I thought that maybe we should get in a spot of training. I therefore turned up nice and early at Andrew's house for the training ride he had 'prepared'.

On arrival I discovered the so called 'route preparation' consisted of deciding which direction we would first go in. We were also on a strict schedule as Andrew had to get back in time for his dentists funeral. So we set off to who knows where, to visit a yet to be decided cafe with a tight deadline. Not the sort of preparation I would encourage any young cafe cycle reviewers to follow.

After about 2 hours and 30 miles we were somewhere in North Norfolk and it was agreed that it was about time we had our cafe stop. With the clock ticking Andrew (who is notoriously hard to please) decided we should head for Holt as there were plenty of cafes there and he had recently seen a sign with Holt on it. I calculated that the time to get to Holt plus the time to get back from Holt to Andrew's house would only leave a few minutes for a cafe stop. This would not leave time for a proper review and I was far from happy. Fortunately luck was on our side as as soon as we set off towards Holt we came across the High Kelling post office which has Kemps Cabin cafe attached to it. If we were to stop here we would have time for a proper review and still get back in time. So we did.
Outside Kemps Cabin in potential outside seating area.
Kemps Cabin has a patio with a pile of tables and chairs outside. As the tables and chairs didn't appear to be for sale I assumed the patio area becomes an outdoor seating area when required. However today was not one of those days so we went inside.

On entering Kemps Cabin I went straight to the counter were there was a small cake selection which seemed to major on scones, but did have a nice looking coffee and walnut cake. I therefore awarded an average effective cake selection score.
Cake selection with serving lady making copious
 notes from my cafe based feedback
I ordered a cheese scone with my hot chocolate. Andrew (who is notoriously hard to please) refused to order coffee as they didn't have a proper coffee machine (just a percolator) and went for a cup of tea instead. However to my surprise he was prepared to have the coffee cake despite not knowing the provenance of the coffee used in it.

For a basic CDM powder type hot chocolate it was about as good as it could be as was Andrews cup of tea but there is a ceiling of how high these drinks can be rated. They did both come with a little biscuit which was a nice touch. My cheese scone was not one of the best but Andrew thought his cake to be very good so we averaged out the cake quality score.
Drinks and cakes about to be reviewed
Overall Kemps Cabin was a pleasant stop, but best used as an emergency cafe, especially if you are in hurry to get back to your dentists funeral when it is particularly good.

On the way back we met two fellow cyclists dressed up in their best Lycra who informed us that it was a lovely day for it. We both agreed with them, despite neither of us knowing what 'it' actually was a lovely day for. So we compiled a potential 'it' list as we raced back to Alysham getting there just in time for Andrew to meet his deadline.

Unfortunately as I have no idea of the route we took, because it was made up as we went along, there will be no routes feature with this post.

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