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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Back on the bike (River Green Cafe. Trowse)

River Green Cafe,
Open Tue-Sun 11-2.30, Sat 11-9
Today marks the 6 week anniversary of me waking up in intensive care after my unplanned visit to hospital and the opening up of my tummy. However recovery has been going better than expected and today I felt strong enough to attempt a proper cycle cafe review. I planned a little 17 mile loop taking in the River Green Cafe in Trowse with today's guest Chris (wife).

We set off under a grey sky at a slowish pace taking care not to go over any bumps in case I split in two down my scar. Fortunately everything held in place and we were able to speed up a little as my confidence grew. After about an hour we arrived at the River Green Cafe and I locked up our bikes with my trusty friend Alarmio, who gave me a welcome back bleep as I set the piercing car style alarm function.
Outside River Green Cafe in Trowse by the outdoor seating area
which over looks the green. I'm about to use Alarmio!
The River Green Cafe is a vegetarian cafe situated on the corner in Trowse opposite the green, you can't, actually see the river but I'm sure its there. There is an outdoor seating area over looking the Green but as it was in the shade today we decided to go inside.
View of the River Green. You can't actually see the river
 but the green is clearly visible.
On entering we were greeted by the friendly staff. As always I headed off to look at the cakes so I could award the effective cake selection rating (ECS). The River Green Cafe website stated "There is also a fresh selection of cakes available daily from 11am-5pm, so why not join us for a Fairtrade coffee or tea and a slice of our delicious cake?" so I was looking forward to a slice of top vegetarian cake. Unfortunately we were told they only had raspberry and white chocolate muffins or chocolate brownies. Two of my favourite cakes but not really slicable or a very large selection so I couldn't give a very good ECS score.

We ordered one of each type of cake and a hot chocolate and semi skinny mocha. 
Drinks and cakes ready for reviewing.
Strawberries with cake and chocy with drinks were a nice touch.
Both our drinks were good but could have been a bit hotter however the cakes were excellent and some of the best I have had on my travels so far. Chris thought the raspberry and chocolate muffin was the best she had had as you could taste the raspberries and white chocolate which is not always the case (especially if you go to one of the big coffee shop chains, so don't).

Apart from the disappointingly small selection of cakes the River Green Cafe was very good and worth a visit. The vegetarian menu looked really good so I have decided to go back for my Birthday meal in a couple of weeks time despite the fact I normally like a bit of meat.

We cycled the short distance back home where I had to have a bit of a lie down and afternoon snooze to recover from my exertion, but at least cycle cafe reviewing was back on.

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Click link for 17 mile Norwich trowse loop GPX file for loading on to your GPS.

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