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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Looking for Art. (Yaxham Waters Farm cafe revisted, Yaxham)

 Yaxham Waters Farm Cafe,
Opening times Sun-Thur 7-7,
Fri-Sat 7-10
Over the next two weeks the Norfolk open studio programme is running (nnopenstudios.org.uk). This is where artists from around Norfolk open their art studios to the public. This seemed a great opportunity to combine some cafe cycle reviewing with culture (cafture). So myself and today's guest Chris (wife) set off for a day of cafture by looking for Art. The plan was to head out towards Dereham, pop in to some studios and try some new cafes. The art part of the plan went well but not so the cafe bit.

Our first stop was in Wicklewood where we found Art in Kerry's very big shed in her garden. It was painted pictures plus some funny technique involving photo negatives and printing. Kerry explained the technique and I nodded a lot as I had no idea what she was talking about. Chris liked the moody dark pictures and I liked the bright twee ones. 
About to visit first studio and find some Art
Our next stop was Anne and Deborah in Hingham. Here we found Art in Anne's kitchen. It was mainly painted Art, some photographs and a nice collection of saucepans. Chris liked the black and white photos best and I liked the cooking utensils, although apparently they weren't art but washing up.

Further up the road in  Reymerston we found glass Art in Marie's out buildings. Chris saw some sun catchers she really liked and asked Marie to make her some similar ones of beach huts. This will mean that when they are made we will have Art in our porch.
About to go to Marie's glass making where we commissioned some glass Art
Next it was on to Yaxham for lunch at Yaxham Waters Farm cafe. I had been there previously with Andrew (who is notoriously hard to please) and had a very good visit. see (Young at Heart)
Outside Yaxham Waters Farm Cafe about to lock bikes with Alarmio
As it was a nice warm day we choose to sit in the outdoor seating patio pond area. Unfortunately we were next to a very loud table of families from Essex. One of the fathers obviously thought he was the king of comedy, shouting out comments and laughing at his own jokes. This did nothing for the atmosphere and ambiance ratings and gave me a headache.
Waiting for our food in the outdoor seating patio pond area
We ordered hot chocolate and skinny mocha plus a piece of lemon cake. The effective cake selection had not been good as there was only lemon cake, chocolate cake or scones on offer, although they did all look very nice.
Small but good looking cake selection
As it was very busy we had to wait a long time for our cake (and lunchtime salads) to arrive. 
Salad lunch with lemon cake in background
The drinks were not as good as last time I was here but the cake was very nice. Unfortunately with slightly reduced ratings Yaxham Waters Farm cafe dropped out of my top 10 cafe or tearoom list but on a quieter day it would still make a nice stop.

Now refreshed it was off to find more Art plus I had two more potential new cafes to visit. 

Next we found painted Art in Caroline's living room. This was the favourite Art of the day. Chris liked one dramatic landscape picture so much she arranged to buy it. I agreed on the condition the same amount of money could go to my new bike wheels fund. So we were both happy.
The landscape Art Chris brought. It cost half a new lightweight bike wheel
From here it was on to Dereham where we found printed Art in Stan's Garage. Stan hadn't been making Art for long which was probably just as well as his garage wasn't very big.

To continue the cafture we planned to have an afternoon tea at Tall Orders in Dereham but when we got there it was closed. I assume because it was a bank holiday. Never mind, I said, as I had a plan B and we went to South Green Park cafe in Matishall. Unfortunately this was also shut and there were now no more cafes on the remainder of the route so no afternoon refreshments or further cycle cafe reviewing would happen this day.

We found our last lot of Art in Ruthanne's extension. It was pottery Art and very nice but a bit out of our price range.
Pottery Art. I had my serious 'looking at Art' face on.
We were now out of both cafe and Art stops so made our way home culturally enriched but new cafe reviewing poor.
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Route to follow shortly.

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