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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

What's in a name. (Gasthof W@nker, Arnoldstein Austria)

Search for Best Café in Europe 2014
Day 6
Today I decided to go on a mini European tour to find the next Alpine cafe to review. Starting in Slovenia we would then ride through Italy before finding a suitable cycle cafe to review in Austria. The route would all be on cycle track and therefore pretty flat. Today's guests were Chris (wife), George (son) and Peter (son who will only come if there are no up hill bits).

We set off along the cycle way in Slovenia and soon made it to the Italian boarder, here we rode through some lovely woods before reaching Austria. It was a very pleasant ride sampling the different cultures of each country (although we had only gone 12 miles).
Guests on Slovenian part of route
We were on the look out for a suitable Austrian cycle cafe to review and see if Austria could win the Cake Crusader European cafe of the year 2014. Suddenly I performed a double take as I spotted Gasthof W@nker. I will be very disappointed if any of you think I decided to stop there just because it had a smutty name as I believe I operate to higher standards than that, however on this occasion you would be right.
Outside Gasthof W@nker
We parked outside and, with me and the boys still sniggering while Chris told us to grow up, we went inside. It was typically alpine and very dark inside but there was a nice patio area with a super view out the back leading to a good ambiance score.
View from Gasthof W@nker outdoor seating terrace area
As it was hot we sat under a red umbrella, which made the photos come out pink, and ordered our drink and food. Even though it was very hot George stepped up to the plate and agreed to have the requisite hot chocolate while I had a cold beer. The beer was good but the hot chocolate pretty average and weak.
Selection of drinks which were not exceptional
The food menu was rather limited and only had various meat with chips. All the other punters were having some type of schnitzel so we all did as well. The stuffed schnitzel was better than plain but they were all very nice. It was also good to see 80's favourite the crinkle chips were still in fashion here.
Selection of schnitzel all with crinkle chips
Gasthof W@nker was a good stop but nothing special and sadly we won't be seeing its name on the Cake Crusader European cafe of the year 2014 winners trophy.

There was a choice of routes for the way back. Either the safe option of going back the way we came or the adventurous option of taking the bikes up to the Austria / Slovenia boarder on a chair lift before cycling back down the mountain through the woods. Chris decided on the safe route (so here her story ends), while the rest of the party opted for the chair lift approach.

We cycled down to the chairlift and waited behind Four old age cyclists (OAC's) who were planning to do the same thing. The chair lift operator man thought we were all one group and charged the OAC's for us as well. The OAC's were not from these parts and the chair lift operator man only spoke Austrian so they had a heated argument in foreign, involving lots of pointing, before the cost was finally sorted out. 

We were a bit shocked to see that you had to sit on the chair lift and cling on to your bike which was not strapped on to the chairlift in any way.
Bike about to be given to passenger for holding on way up
All the way up I expected the OAC's to tire and drop their bikes down the mountain, but fortunately they didn't.
Bikes dangling off chair lift as the old age cyclists held on for dear life
The only challenge left was to negotiate an electric fence. We only found out it was electric when George tested it. You can see for yourself with what!
George discovering that this was an electric fence
The rest of the ride went smoothly and we all met up safely again back at our Slovenian apartment.

The Alpine leg had still not thrown up a real contender for The Cake Crusader European cafe of the year 2014 but there is still time.

European league table after 8 cafés.   
Cafe                                               Drink Food    Ambiance  Score
Morgenstond cafe, Griendtsveen, NL             8        8.5            7.5           8.00
Central cafe, Baarlo Holland                           8          8.75         7             7.92
Hererg de bonged, Bassel, NL.                      8          8.5.          7.            7.83
D'hefren van Baarlo, Baarlo, NL.                    6.          8.             9.           7.67
Gasthof W@nker, Arnoldstein, Austria            7.           8.           7.5.         7.50
De Ijsvogel (kingfisher mill to you),                  8           6            8.5           7.50
Arcen, Holland
Passi cafe, Horst, Holland.                             7         7.5           6.5           7.00
Gostinstvo in turizem cafe,                             7.5.      5              5.5          6.00
Monstrana, Slov
Dakepello, Panningen                                    5         6.5             5            5.50

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