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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Monday 4 May 2015

Gridlock (Granary Cafe, Ranworth Broad)

Granary Cafe,
Ranworth Broad,
Open Every day 10:00-17:00 (Easter – October)

As it was such a lovely sunny bank holiday Monday, and we don't get many, I thought the opportunity could not be wasted to get out for a quick cafe cycle ride. I managed to rustle up Barry And Helen and their Tandem to be my cycling guests. It was the first time I had been on a ride with Helen and their tandem since she had her second bionic knee fitted so I was therefore excite to see it in action. It would also be the first time I had seen Barry since we lost him on the last sportive as he had set off in the wrong direction trying to make sure he made it back in time for an urgent haircut. I was therefore excited to see the urgent haircut in action. (see sportive 12

As Barry and Helen and their Tandem live North of the river (Yare) we met on the North of the city. Disappointingly on arrival I saw that Barry had his cycle helmet on so it would be a little while until I could see how his urgent haircut would perform.

As it was such a lovely sunny bank holiday Monday a lot of other people had also thought it was a good day to get out into the country and Norfolk was packed, leading to today's cycling guest top cycling tip.

Cycling guest cycling top tip no 27. If you want to get into the country side on a lovely sunny bank holiday Monday then get all the benefits of going on a bicycle rather than clog up the little lanes of Norfolk with cars.
Norfolk was full with every available parking space taken.
Why oh why wont more people come out on their bikes
Dodging all the traffic we made our way out to to Ranworth Broad and the Granary cafe, part of the Ranworth Broad marina complex.
Ranworth Broad Marina
We parked our bikes while inwardly laughing at the cars not able to get in the car park (see Cycling guest cycling top tip No 27). Not surprisingly the Granary Cafe was very busy and there was standing room only in the outside seating area
Outside Granary cafe by the packed outdoor seating area
While Helen tried to secure some seating I went with Barry to check out the cake selection. There had clearly been a rush on cakes as there were only a few slices of 5 different cakes left. Unfortunately there were no cheese scones, only fruit ones. I awarded an appropriate effective cakes selection (ECS) rating and ordered some apple cake.
The last bits of a good cake selection
Barry ordered a sausage roll and a toasted tea cake for Helen. Their tandem didn't order any cake as it is a bicycle. A sausage roll is clearly not cake and although a tea cake has the word cake in it it is also clearly not a cake either but a fruit bread. Therefore Barry and Helen and their tandem would play no further part in any cake reviewing this day.

For drinks, as well as my hot chocolate, Barry ordered a cappuccino and Helen a Mocha. As myself and Barry carried the drinks and food outside it was clear Helen had made little effort to secure a table and was sitting on the wall. I had to step in and demonstrate my table securing skills by sitting down on an occupied table, where people had finished their drinks, and made as if I was about to engage them in mindless conversation. The thought of having to chat to the local cycling nutter obviously scared them off and the table was ours.
Drinks being carried through the packed outdoor seating area
 with Barry's urgent haircut performing well under pressure
My apple cake was nice but my hot chocolate was not the best as it wasn't a very chocolatey taste. Barry and Helen were not to keen on their coffee based drinks either as they lacked a good coffee flavour.
Drinks and cakes on recently secured table
It was very relaxing sitting at the marina watching the yachts on the broad and people failing to get parking or table space. The Granary is certainly a nice spot to chill out which we did for a while.

We eventually left for home and I was very impressed with Helen's bionic knees which helped power their tandem back to Norwich in record time, or it might have been because of Barry's excellent urgent haircut.
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Guest Hot Drink Quality
Effective Cake Selection
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