Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Thursday 3 September 2015

Final countdown. (Final news before calorie neutral bike ride world record attempt)

It has been nearly two years since I first announced my intention to set a world record for a calorie neutral bike ride. I want to do this in order to prove that having cake during your bike ride doesn't negate the health benefits of exercise. It has been quite a roller coaster getting to this point but next Friday (11th September) I hope to finally be able to make my attempt by having a hot drink and cake at twenty cafes without taking on any additional calories.

I have had a number of setbacks. First the Guinness book of so called world records refused to recognise calorie neutral bike riding as a legitimate record (see going alone) as it broke some of their world record rules, mainly no gluttony records. I therefore developed my own set of rules (see end of post) which a record attempt must obey.

Then last year, as I was starting to build up to the attempt, I had my near death experience which meant I wouldn't be up to doing a long ride or eat lots of cake until after last summer (see sometimes need a plan b) thus postponing the event until this year.

With those set backs now behind me I have spent the last few months planning the logistics and training for the event. The bike riding training has gone well but I haven't trained in eating lots of cake so this aspect is a little more worrying. With over 110 cafes now visited in Norfolk and Suffolk I have enough knowledge to put together a route that takes in 20 cafes, 127 miles and should take me about 13 hours to complete. So here it is:

The time table is
Café Estimated arrival time
Start 06:28
1 Exspresso, Norwich 07:00
2 Warings, Norwich 07:43
3 Brittania, Norwich 08:24
4 Pandoras, Norwich 09:05
5 Stephanies, Eaton 09:46
6 Acorn tea rooms Poringland 10:25
7 The Café, Brooke 11:00
8 Rosy Lee, Loddon 11:38
9 EDAP, Hedingham 12:19
10 Earsham street, Bungay 12:53
11 No 5, Harleston 13:37
12 Pennoyer centre, Pulham 14:09
13 Goodies, Pulham Market 14:43
14 Tudor Bake House, Long Stratton  15:15
15 Garden Tea room, Wymondham 16:09
16 Lincolns Hingham  16:47
17 Yaxham waters, Yaxham 17:43
18 Chalfonts Hingham 18:23
19 Janyes, Hethersett 19:11
20 Station Bistro, Wymondham 19:43

I have obviously informed the local police as I'm expecting crowds possibly numbering into single figures to be lining the streets. There are still plenty of things that could go wrong but hopefully I will soon not only be the self appointed number one cafe cycle reviewer (in the Norfolk area) but a self certified world record holder too! 

Only if I do succeed will I be making myself a certificate, using my colouring pencils set, as I don't want to tempt fate.

Calorie neutral bike ride record attempt rules 
1. The holder of the record will have visited the highest number of different cafes during a single day.
2. All cafes must be independent and not part of national chains
3. All cafes must be visited within their normal opening hours and not open early or kept opened late for a record attempt
4. At each cafe a standard portion of cake or a scone (fruit or cheese) must be consumed. Biscuits, flapjacks, tiffin or anything pre-packaged will not count. 
            4.1 Danish style pastries are acceptable but only during the breakfast part of                       the day, before 9.00am, when cakes are not always available
5. At each cafe a standard hot drink must be consumed. (Tea, coffee or hot chocolate). If served in a pot or jug than one cups worth must be drunk.
6. From the time of arriving at the cafe 300 calories must be burnt off before the next cafe can be visited thus making the ride calorie neutral. (300 calories is based on in-depth internet research on average calories of cakes and scones plus average calories of a hot drink (Tea, coffee, hot chocolate). 
7. If extra calories have been used up between cafes then that is tough as they can not be credited against other legs of the ride.
8. Calories burnt to be counted on a generic calorie counting device using only cycle speed, rider weight and age to calculate calorie usage. No heart rate consideration is required.

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