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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Thursday 12 November 2015

Lull before the storm. (Tea Post, North Elmham)

Tea Post,
North Elmham,
Opening times Mon-Fri 09:00-16:00,
Sat 09:00-14:00
According to the latest weather stories in the press we are about to enter the windy season with 3 months of gales forecast. Apparently today will be the last good cycling day for a while so I planned to make the most of it. I had arranged to go on a 50 mile ride with Andrew (who is notoriously hard to please) out to North Elmham. Blog reader Myra had emailed me to suggest 
Try the Tea Post in North Elmham  nr DEREHAM .
Wonderful ambience ,very good food and the cakes are soooooo yummy.   Go try !!!

Anywhere who's cake can attract 6 o's, plus 3 exclamation marks, looks like a must goooooo toooooo venue and was therefore perfect for today's last non windy ride.

Despite the fact I had washed my summer bike and put it away for the winter I decided that on such a nice day it was worth one more trip out. This proved to be a mistake and I should have follow the old rhyme 'once washed and away, until spring it must stay'.

It wasn't long before the route started to take in stunning views of the Norfolk countryside and in such good lighting conditions we came across an artist painting the landscape. Since the success of my pen and ink cake drawing, (see Poetry Corner), I now consider myself a bit of a painter so I stopped and whipped out my water colours. Can you tell which is the photo and which is my painting. 

Pretty tough to spot the difference but anyone who knows the area will know that I have added a fictional church on the hill (yes it really is a painting) so that one is my water colour.

With art completed it was on to North Elmham where we found the Tea Post on the main road through the village.
Outside Tea Post at North Elmham
We went inside to discover that this was not only a cafe but a post office as well (the clue was in the name).
Tea Post is both a cafe and Post Office
I checked out the cake selection and it was a good one with sponge cakes, fruit cakes, cup cakes, slices and scones all available so I awarded a high effective cake selection (ECS) rating.
Good cake selection
With my hot chocolate I ordered Victoria sponge and the compulsory cheese scone, as part of my cheese scone serving temperature research (sadly cold). Andrew (who is notoriously hard to please) ordered a cappuccino plus chocolate and orange cake.

We both thought our drinks were a bit too milky but we were really here for the soooooo yummy cakes!!! Fortunately I can report that Myra was spot on and we both thought the cakes were great and did deserve 6 o's, 3 exclamation marks and a high cake taste quality (CTQ) score.
Soooooo yummy cakes!!!
Overall the Tea Post at North Elmham was a spot on stop for a bike ride with friendly staff, good value quality food and excellent cakes. It also has the added Post Office bonus meaning that, as you don't seem to be able to get 3G in North Elmham, if you want to let someone know about the excellent cake you can write them a postcard and have it in the mail before you have left the cafe. Unfortunately when we wanted to do this we discovered the post office didn't actually sell post cards but you can always use a sealed envelope instead (ask your parents).

With 'post card' sent it was now time to set off home. All the roads today were extremely muddy which particularly annoyed Andrew as he to had recently washed his bike. Things were not helped when I then took us down a very muddy off road track. 
One of the many muddy roads we went on
However this led to today's cycling guest cycling top tip

Cycling guests cycling top tip No 36. A stick makes an excellent mud removal tool for de-clogging your brakes.
Andrew cleaning brakes with his stick tool
On our return home I once again washed my bike but this time I've definitely put it away until spring.
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Click here to download 49 mile Norwich North Elmham loop gpx file for your GPS

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