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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Tuesday 12 January 2016

Good start to the year. (Prima Rosa Tearoom, Salhouse)

Prima Rosa Tearoom,
Opening times Mon-Sat 09:30-16:00,
 Sun 10:00-16:00,
Highly Recommended 
It is already the middle of January and I have not yet visited a new cafe or tearoom this year so it's about time I put that right.

You may remember that back at the start of December I went for a ride with cycling guests Chris (Mrs Crusader) and Barry and Helen and their Tandem to Salhouse (see getting back on it) where I was presented with a Cafe/tearoom dilemma. At number 82 Lower Street I found Prima Rosa Tearoom and at number 82b Lower Street was Radley's coffee shop. As there didn't appear to be any other commercial outlets in the village I was surprised that Salhouse (pop. 1462) could support two such establishments next to each other. But which to choose, on that ride we tried Radley's, so today, in the interest of fairness, it was time to return to Salhouse to check out Prima Rosa Tearoom.

Once again Barry was in charge of our route where, demonstrating great imagination and variety, we did exactly the same route as last time, only going the other way round. It was a fairly short ride so we soon arrived at the heart of the Salhouse commercial district and parked up outside Prima Rosa.

Prima Rosa doubles up as a gift shop but if you didn't know it was also a tearoom you might well miss it as there is only a tiny teapot sign letting you know. 
Outside Prima Rosa where there is little indication that its a tearoom
There is an outdoor seating benches area available although it was a bit too cold to put it in to use today leading us to go inside (note on a second visit in Sept 2016 the bench had been replaced with a table and 2 chairs, plus table round the corner)
View from September 2016 with extended outdoor seating facility
Apparently until recently the building used to be the Post Office and looking around inside you could see that a number of the old features had cleverly been retained to keep some post office character. On the gifts front there was an eclectic mix on display throughout and a series of tearoom tables to choose from. We got a very warm welcome from Mrs Goggins and her staff so with the whole package we awarded a good atmosphere and ambiance score.
Inside Prima Rosa
I checked out the cake selection and it was a good one with a number of items I liked the look of. As well as the cakes they had some good looking cheese scones but cheese scones are so 2015 as this is the year of the flapjack (see thing of the year 2016). Unfortunately news of this had clearly not made it to Salhouse as they didn't have any but despite this I still awarded a high effective cake selection (ECS) mark.
Good cake selection
For drinks it was good to be offered a choice of dark or white hot chocolate. I went dark, Chris went dark Mocha, Helen went white Mocha, Barry went cappuccino while their tandem went outside as he decided he didn't need a drink after such a short ride.
Well presented drinks
On the cake front Helen chose the apricot Bakewell cake, which I didn't even know was a thing until today, I went for rich chocolate cake slice and, despite regular cycling guest and coffee and walnut cake expert Mick not being with us, Chris went for coffee and walnut cake.
Today's cake choices
I thought my hot chocolate was very good being nice and thick. My cycling guests also liked their coffees, particularly the white Mocha, and all received high guest hot drink quality (GHDQ) scores.

Barry had chosen a panini, which is clearly not cake, so I had excluded him from any cake tasting while the rest of us tried each others cakes. They were all excellent with my personal favourite being the coffee and walnut. I would be keen to come back again with coffee and walnut cake expert Mick to get his qualified opinion.

All in all we were very impressed with Prima Rosa and it scored highly in every category (and slightly higher still on my next visit) so I highly recommend a visit. As an added bonus I got a a Prima Rosa loyalty card, which I have added to my loyalty card picture library, that requires just 5 stamps for a free drink, equalling the record for the lowest number needed.

The ride had turned out to be a very good start to 2016 as I continue the voyages of the Cake Crusader and my ongoing mission to explore new villages, to seek out new cafes and new tearooms, to boldly cycle to where no cafe cycling reviewer has gone before, as long as it's not too far away and I'm back in time for dinner.

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