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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Cake Crusader Sportive 20. (36 mile via Piece of Cake at Coltishall)

Sportive 20,
A Piece of Cake,
Opening times Mon-Sat 09:00-16:00,
Sun 09:30-15:30
Highly Recommended 
Yesterday saw the 2nd official Cake Crusader sportive of the year. Due to injury and apathy only 8 of the 10 participants who had entered turning up at race HQ for pre ride faffing about. There was a lack of cafe reviewing experience in the group today with Dan (33), James (36) and Tom (13) (collectively known as the young lads) all on only their second cafe cycle ride.
A lot of inexperience in today's group
The trip was a 36 mile loop round Norwich up to a Piece of Cake (I see what they have done there) at Coltishall. It was no surprise that with such a mixed group of riders the Peleton was well spread and it took all my cat herding experience to try and keep us on route. Only occasionally did I loose a rider or the leaders head off in the wrong way. I was therefore quite exhausted when we arrived at our destination.

Demonstrating their inexperience the group headed inside without anyone waiting to have the compulsory cafe arrival photo. I therefore had to settle for one of their bikes only. 
Bikes minus riders on arrival at a Piece of Cake
Fortunately after visiting nearly 200 cafes my cafe cycle skills came to the fore as despite being last through the door I was able to review and rate the cake selection and then get to the front of the queue to place my order before the amateurs had finished floundering as to what to have or how to pay.

The cake selection was excellent and had a lot of tempting ones on offer leading to a high effective cake selection (ECS) mark.
Part of the cake selection
With orders placed we took our seats on the third of three levels all of which overlook the river through a big window. The group collectively were very impressed giving a high Atmosphere and Ambiance (AAA) score.
view of cafe from middle layer
Once the food and drinks arrived I foolishly tried to illicit some rating activity but time and again the inexperience showed, especially from the young lads. 
Cake and drink reviewing in action
James tried to award his cup of tea more than a 7 which is the known ceiling of guest hot drink quality (GHDQ) a cup of tea can have. Tom wanted to rate his Paninni when a Paninni is clearly not cake, then once again Ali asked if he could dock marks as his latte came in a vase and not a cup (the vessel plays no part in GHDQ). When asked for ratings the young lads gave me responses like 'lovely', 'nice', 'tasty' etc. Was I meant to guess how these related to an actual score in order to enter in to my cafe ratings spreadsheet? I need numbers! In the end I once again had to ignore the young lads input as it was clear they didn't really have a clue as to what was going on. I blame the parents.

However despite this, all the ratings I did collect were even higher than on my last visit (see Road safety) establishing a piece of cake as one of my top cafe destinations. I was also pleased that the cake had not been served on the serviettes as it had been last time so another success in my campaign (#keepcakeoffserviettes).

The way back was equally chaotic and with rating done I quickly lost interest on making sure the whole party was kept together for the return ride home leaving every one for themselves. I assume they all made it back safely but will probably only find out when I see who turns up for the next sportive in a few weeks time.

Scores for a Piece of Cake based on 2 visits
Hot Choc Quality
Guest Hot Drink Quality
Effective Cake Selection
Cake Quality
Ambiance and Atmosphere
Café Rating

Click here to download 36 mile Norwich Coltishall loop gpx mile to your GPS

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