Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Thursday 17 March 2016

Training. (Bridgestones of Potter, Potter Heigham)

Bridgestones of Potter,
Potter Heigham,
Everyday 9-5,
After what seems like months of cold and wet weather it was a real treat to find the sun was going to be out and there would be blue skys for todays cafe cycle ride. As I awoke this morning everything seemed good in the world.
Excellent Weather for todays ride
In life it is important to have a guide that you trust and believe in which can instruct and teach you in the way you should go. Mine is my London marathon training plan and according to it, despite also having a 50 mile bike ride planned today, I had to do a 12 mile run. I have great faith in my London Marathon training plan so despite this seeming a little excessive I set off on the designated run before breakfast.

Twelve miles, a quick change and a bowl of porridge later I was ready to set off with today's cycling guest, Big George, on our planned cafe cycle ride. I told him that because of my London marathon training plan I was shattered and that we wouldn't be able to go too fast. Big George said that was fine with him as he to was tired after doing a random 20 mins of abs exercises that morning. He claimed he was now the owner of a super six pack, although he had hidden it under his belly. Mrs Big George is one 'lucky' lady I thought.

The 28 miles out to today's venue, Potter Tea Rooms at Potter Heigham, were a real struggle especially as we were into the wind. We were therefore both in need of a rest and refreshments when we finally cycled over Potter Heigham Bridge and saw the tea room in front of us, although neither of us would admit it.
Coming into Potter Heigham for a much needed rest
There is an outside bench seating area available but despite the sunshine it was a bit too cold to put it into use today so we went inside which was surprisingly busy for a Thursday in mid March.
Outside Potter Tearoom
Here we found a large area of both traditional table and chairs plus a series of comfy sofas to choose from. We opted for a table as it looked a long way down to the sofas and I wasn't sure we would make it up again.
Inside seating area
First I checked out the cakes so I could award the effective cake selection (ECS) rating. I was very impressed by both the size of the selection and the size of the cakes. As a result I awarded a high ECS mark.
Super size cake selection
I was in need of the energy giving properties of cake so went for a large slice of Chocolate and Orange to go with my hot chocolate. I also purchased some maple and pecan flapjack, to try later, in my continuing search for the Cake Crusader Flapjack of the year 2016 (it scored very highly). Big George had a filter coffee and a cheese scone (sadly not warmed).

As it was lunch time we also both ordered a cheese sandwich. Cheese sandwiches are not cake so play no part in my cafe cycle rating system but I mention it due to the impact they had on Big George.
Cakes and drinks for reviewing
When our food arrived I tried my hot chocolate and was delighted to find it had been made with real melted chocolate and was therefore an excellent drink getting a high hot chocolate quality (HCQ) score. The cake was pretty good too. I asked for Big Georges score for his coffee and cheese scone but he had turned pail and was unable to answer. I asked what was wrong. He just mumbled 'grated cheese'. I had forgotten that he had a fear of grated cheese and will only eat sliced cheese in his sandwich. I, on the other hand, love grated cheese and believe it is the only way it should be served with bread. I kindly ate his sandwich for him in order that he could get back to tasting his drink which he found to be a bit ordinary whilst he did like the scone.

Overall Potter Tearoom had scored very well and, espically for hot chocolate fans, I recommend a visit if only to check out the infeasibly large cakes.

Refuelled and with wind now in our favour the ride home was more managable. However once I got back I was in need of an urgent afternoon nap from which I was soon woken with an attack of cramp. My London Marathon training plan really does move in mysterious ways.

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