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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Thursday 9 November 2017

Love it or hate it. (Peppers Tea Room, East Harling)

Peppers Tea Room,
East Harling,
Opening times Tue-Fri 9am-4pm, Sat 10am-4pm
Highly Recommended 
Its been a while since my last new cafe review but to make up for it I have five planned in the next week. It is also the final run in to Sausage Roll of the year (#SROTY) so exciting times in the world of cafe cycle reviewing.

I had been recommended the first of these new venues, Peppers in East Harling, by several people so was eager to check it out. Big George was my cycling guest today. We set off and did some early ride 'training' as, despite the evidence, we continue to try and persuade ourselves we can still become speedy cyclists, even at our age, if we could just pedal a bit quicker.

After our 'fast' efforts we arrived at Peppers which is an extension off the back of a large House in East Harling. 

Peppers is off the back of a nice house in East harling
It was excellent for cycling as the location is unlikely to attract many passing bike thieves so we left our bikes by the door and went in.
Parking up outside Peppers
There were several tables in the wooden section plus a marquee extension, which looked a bit cold today but would be lovely in the summer. All in all a good Atmosphere and Ambiance score could be awarded.
Big George about to start his refreshments
The cake selection looked good too with a good variety of tempting cakes, bakes and scones.
Peppers excellent cake selection
With my hot chocolate I ordered some double baked banana cake. The coffee here concentrated on different beans rather than fancy named nonsense you normally get. You choose a blend for your caffetire from the menu. Big George went for the standard Peppers house blend although other more exciting ones were available but he is a bit mainstream, or so I thought, as he dispelled this view when it came to cake selection. Out of the blue he picked crumpet with marmite and cheese. As crumpet with marmite and cheese is clearly not cake then Big George played no further part in any cake rating discussions, although this didn't seem to bother him. In fact it was so left field that I didn't even know crumpet with marmite and cheese was a thing.

When the coffee arrived it came with a little egg timer which let you know when it was ready to plunge. Sadly Big George couldn't wait and plunged a few grains early but as he thought the coffee was excellent this didn't seem to matter. 

Timing ready for plunge
My hot chocolate was less impressive and not chocolatey enough for my liking but the banana cake was very good indeed. 
Hot chocolate and banana cake
Big George liked his crumpet with Marmite and cheese although he couldn't really taste the marmite which was what attracted him to it in the first place. The more he thought about it the stronger is Marmite craving got.
Big Georges crumpet with cheese and 'marmite' crumpet
Despite the lack of Marmite we both felt Peppers was a very good stop and I would highly recommend a visit.

By the time we set off Big George's need for Marmite had become insatiable so the only conversation on the way back was yeast extract based as Big George told me, many times, that having some on toast would be his number one priority on his return, once he could remember where he had put his jar.

Update: Peppers contacted me as it transpired that due to a mix up the crumpet had been served Marmite free. This is not surprising as Big George being Scottish means no one (including me) can understand a word he says which probably caused the confusion. Rest assured the crumpets normally come with plenty of Marmite.

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