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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Saturday 14 April 2018

Switch it on and off. (Kiah Homebakes, Hemsby)

Kiah Homebakes,
Opening times Mon-Wed 10-2:30,
Thur-Sat 9:30-3:00
Listening to the news this morning it seemed like things were getting serious between Mr Trump and Mr Putin and that it could soon turn nasty with the end of humankind possibly just around the corner. But I can't let a little thing like that distract me from my own mission as I had planned a cycle ride with Andrew (who is notoriously hard to please) out to the coast. However it soon became clear that I too may be seen as a threat to the super powers.

Just after we set off from Hard to Please House it appeared that I had been the subject of a cyber attack when completely unexpectedly my Di2 electronic gears went dead and I was stuck in a single gear. I was flamoxied as they had never stopped working before (except on the two occasions were I accidently cut the cable). I confirmed that the battery was charged and that all the cables and connectors were in place but still no joy. Fortunately I used to work in IT so knew what the best approach was so I disconnected and reconnected the battery to turn the gears on and off again and the cyber terrorists had been thwarted (for now).

Despite starting from Hard to Please House I had planned today's route rather than leave it to Andrews old school paper map approach. I knew this would not go down well so was prepared when  Andrew constantly complained about the direction I was going in claiming he won't have gone that way at every junction. It wasn't for many miles when we were far enough away from his house so that he knew no better and we could get back to discussing matters of the day.

We eventually hit the coast road and I was pleased to see they had finally got round to putting the sails back on Horsey Mill.
Horsey Mill with sails on top rather than in pieces by the side
From here it wasn't far to todays cafe which was Kiah Homebakes on Hemsby high street.
Outside Kiah Homebakes which is bigger inside than it looks
We had done nearly 30 miles so were in need of a break. I was therefore pleased to see a good cake selection with 4 big sponges and plenty of traybakes. I awarded a good effective cake selection (ECS) score.
A wide cake selection to chose from
I went for a chocolate sponge and Andrew a chocolate oat slice plus a cappuccino.. 

Our refreshments soon arrived although we both found the drinks a bit disappointing. However the cake and oat slice were both very good and just what was needed to get our energy levels back up (you can always rely on cake) making this a very pleasant stop.
Todays cake and drink offering
Re-energised we were off again but I soon had my second cyber attack of the day as this time the cycle Sat Nav stopped showing the route and we with no paper map we were now stranded out in the wilds off Norfolk. I feared it might not be World War 3 that did for us but hyperthermia and starvation. Fortunately before either of them kicked in I was able to use my IT expertise again and by skillfully switching my Garmin 1000 on and off I miraculous resolved the problem and we were on our way.

Despite it once again being cold and damp it had been another excellent ride. Next week I have 3 more rides planned when hopefully the weather would have warmed up and maybe a few layers can be discarded. I have also invited Mr Putin and Mr Trump to come along to sort their problems out as I know anything can be resolved out on a bike ride, especially if cake is involved.

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Click her to download 52 mile Aylsham Hemsby loop gpx file to your GPS

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