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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Wednesday 18 April 2018

What heatwave. (Babaco Cafe, Watton)

Babaco Cafe,
Opening times Tue-Sat 9:30-4:00 
Yesterday the TV weather lady told me that today would be the start of a heatwave. This was excellent news as I was due to go on a cafe cycle ride with cycling guest Big George. He had heard the news too so it was no surprise that when he turned up at Crusader Towers he, like me, had shorts on for the first time this year. However this turned out not to be such a great idea for one of us.
First outside outing for my legs this year
The plan for today was built around some cycle cafe reconnaissance. I needed a cafe in the Watton area for the forthcoming overnight spring sportive that I have organised. I will have 10 cycling guests with me for that ride and they will be expecting a decent cafe stop.

As well as getting out my summer cycling kit I had also put summer wheels plus new tyres on to my bike. Big George had to put on summer tyres but in his case some very worn ones from last year. Incidentally you may remember Big George is Scottish, I mean nothing by this from a 'get every last fibre of your tyre used before replacing them' point of view, just saying for your information. Inevitably a puncture soon occurred. 
Big George mending the puncture on his threadbare tyres
Big George claimed it was not his worn out tyre that was the problem but the fact I made him cycle through an unusual pond feature we had found in the middle of the road a few minutes earlier.
Pond in road
As always I checked my records which show that my last cafe cycle puncture on a ride was a year ago (30th April 2017) whereas my cycling guests have now had seven in this time. I think we all know what will happen on my next ride.

With puncture repaired we continued to our Target destination Babaco Cafe on Watton High street. There was as yet no sign of a heatwave and we had been kept cool by a very strong wind so we decided not to make the most of the continental style outdoor seating area that had been provided.
Outside Babaco in the continental style seating area
Inside we sat at the window breakfast bar so we could keep an eye on the bikes. While Big George did this I checked out the cakes which had a varied selection but not many slices of each on display. However I did spot some brownie which I opted for in order to test it out for Brownie of the Year (#BOTY).
Cake selection
Big George had a cappuccino and a cheese, onion and tomato toastie. As a cheese, onion and tomato toastie is not cake then Big George played no further part in any cake reviewing activities at the Babaco Cafe.

When our refreshments arrived Big George thought his coffee was a good one and scored well. My Hot Chocolate was about average and scored appropriately and the brownie was pretty good. Check out my thing of the year page on the cake crusader website to see if it has made the current potential finalist list.
Today's refreshments
Babaco had passed its audition and I will be happy to pop in with my Spring sportive cycling guests in a couple of weeks where I'm sure cafe rating mayhem will occur.

It was now I discovered I had made a mistake wearing shorts as not only was the promised heatwave a myth leaving me with cold legs but as I unlocked my bike I knocked it over and the big cog ripped big chunks out of my unprotected limbs. Thanks a lot TV weather lady.
My shredded leg
As today's ride was over 50 miles and the wind had been a tough one then Big George started to flag over the last few miles. All that kept him going was the thought of a nice hot bubble bath for when he got home and as a special reward for cycling so hard he was not only going to have his normal scented candles but sprinkle on a few rose petals as well. Although I promised not to tell anyone and destroy his tough scotsman image.

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