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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Sunday 14 October 2018

Norfolk cycle parkrun challenge stage 10. (Pedlars Hall, Swaffham)

Pedlars Hall,
Mon-Sat 7:00-7:00, Sun 9:00-3:00,
Hopefully you have been following my attempt (as suggested by my co conspirator Mark) to cycle from our local parkrun in Norwich to all 13 parkruns in Norfolk. Wherever possible I have also taken the opportunity to combine it with an appropriate cycle cafe review. On Saturday we took on our last long ride as we headed for Swaffham.

At the time of planning this challenge there was no Swaffham parkrun but when it cropped up in May it had to be added to the list. Unfortunately this meant scheduling it late in the year meaning we would be riding the first hour in the dark.
Ready to set off from Eaton park bandstand in the dark
You may recall that at the start of the last cycle parkrun challenge (3 weeks ago) Mark had had a mechanical. When arranging this weeks ride I had asked Mark if he had got the bike fixed but for reasons of apathy he hadn't. So as to avoid riding all the way in on one front cog again I offered to try and fix it for him. I discovered the problem was that the bike was very dirty and the front mech was gummed up with grease and mud. I realised I had been tricked into cleaning his bike but for the sake of our challenge I did it.

With clean bikes we set off into the dark to face a strong crosswind on the way out to Swaffham but as compensation we enjoyed a fabulous sunrise.
Sun rising over Norfolk
Occasionally on these rides we pass another cyclist with a backpack. Mark always likes to crack his favourite joke "it's good to see some other people cycling from Norwich to the xyz parkrun" and today was no exception when we passed such a person on route.

After a couple of hours we found the parkrun (only a small one of about 70 people) and lined up for the three laps around the playing fields. 

Start of Swaffham parkrun
Everyone was very friendly and I was pleased to finish in 2nd place with Mark coming in a career high of 6th (he even won his age group for the first time although it later transpired he was the only one in it).
Mark finishing in a career high 6th place
I congratulated today's first finisher, John, who told me he was the cyclist who we had passed earlier and had indeed cycled from Norwich (you couldn't make it up). We immediately invited him into the Norfolk cycle parkrun family which now stands at 5 (Mrs Crusader and her friend had cycled the 4 miles to Catton parkrun at the start of the challenge). With 3 finishers in the top 6 it just goes to show that cycling to a parkrun is an excellent warm up.
At the finish with our new Norfolk cycle parkrun challenge member
We waved goodbye to John as he set off back to Norwich and then it was off to the aptly named Pedlars Hall Cafe in downtown Swaffham.
Outside todays refreshment stop
It was a tudor based building but sadly with no outdoor seating area so we sat inside
Indoor seating area
In cake selection terms there was a choice of 3 nice looking homemade sponge cakes so I went for Almond while Mark had a latte and coffee cake.
Todays cake selection
As we enjoyed our refreshments two things troubled me. First our cakes came served on their serviettes rendering them useless for crumb removal purposes. I had only just cooled down from my ran but now my heart rate was pounding again as I tried in vain to save my napkin. Remember #keepcakeoffserviettes

Secondly, I also strongly believe that breakfast should be over by 9:00am (about the time parkrun starts) but despite it now being gone 10 o'clock everyone else in the cafe was having a full English. No wonder there were only 70 people at the parkrun. #kickbreakfastbacktobreakfasttime.

However despite this our cakes and drinks were very good, the staff friendly and we enjoyed our break so I recommend a visit.
Todays cake's and drinks were very good
There are now just 3 more parkruns to go to complete the challenge although I hear several more new ones are in the pipeline in Norfolk for 2019 so maybe our work here is not yet done.

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Click here to download 30 mile Norwich to Swaffham gpx file to your GPS

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