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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Monday 1 October 2018

Normal service?. (Weybourne Village Store and cafe)

Weybourne Village Store and Cafe,
Mon-Sat 8:00-5:00, Sun 8:30-4,
I hadn’t been on a ride with Andrew for nearly 2 months so I was interested to see if he was still notoriously hard to please. To find out we met up at Hard to Please House (HTPH) in Aylsham for a ride to Weybourne on the North Norfolk coast. I’m currently tapering for a marathon (although I don’t like to talk about it) so I requested Andrew to organise a shorter ride than usual, of about 30 miles.

It was therefore a little worrying when we had already done over 20 miles of his planned route and there were still no cafe stops in site. On the plus side it had meant that we had been able to catch up on our recent adventures with Andrew not reporting any hard to please incidents. When we did eventually arrive at the Village Store in Weybourne we were both up to speed leaving the way back to discuss matters of the day.
Outside the Village Shop and Cafe in Weybourne
Despite it being a lovely sunny day it was still a bit chilly so Andrew insisted we ignore the outdoor seating area and head inside. First of all I checked out the cake selection. There was plenty of cake but it came in pre cut slices wrapped in cellophane. This is good for the beach going takeaway community but I prefer to see the cake being sliced in front of me so I could only give a reasonable effective cake selection (ECS) score.
Today's cake selection came pre sliced and wrapped
I went for chocolate cake and Andrew coffee cake with a cappuccino. As we waited for our refreshments I noticed there was a book sharing shelf stacked full of a fine selection of literature. I obviously had to check it out to see if the Cake Crusader book could be found in the second cafe running but sadly on this occasion it wasn’t there (if you know of a cafe that has a copy of my book then please let me know or why not buy a copy and leave it in a cafe of your choice?)
Book sharing shelf
We both thought our drinks were pretty good and well presented but it was mixed feelings on the cakes front with Andrew’s coffee cake being very good whereas my chocolate cake was a bit disappointing. I was beginning to worry it was now me being hard to please. However I still felt that the Weybourne village store was a very pleasant stop and I recommend a visit.
Today's drinks and cakes
I was concerned that Andrew had been a bit too chilled and not nearly as hard to please as I had remembered but on the way back the agenda moved on to sorting out the world's problems and he was quickly back up to speed with a series of topical rants. Normal service was fully resumed when we returned back to HTPH to find we had done 20% more miles than requested leaving my tapering plans in tatters.
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