Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Tuesday 28 January 2020

Egg on Toast update

Egg on Toast of the Year clarification
I seemed to have stirred up a hornet's nest of controversy by breaking with tradition and making Egg on Toast (EoT) my thing of the year. I have been at the centre of a social media storm with literally ones of questions flooding my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

So to clarify things here are the EOT rules I will be following:
1. To qualify a cafe must be, or have been, visited by me by bike
2. Eggs can be poached, fried or scrambled. If more than one type is available, then that is my order of preference.
3. Each EoT will be marked out of 50
i.         Quality of toast. Economy sliced bread popped in the toaster won't score as highly as homemade bread or sourdough etc that has been properly grilled. Out of 10
ii.        Quality of Egg. Covering both taste of eggs and how well cooked. No slime or water in the white with a slightly runny yolk will score best. Out of 10
iii.       Presentation. What it looks like on the plate. Out of 10.
iv.       Overall enjoyment. How much I enjoyed the whole EoT experience and how the individual elements of the dish came together. Out of 20

4. If other cycling guests have also opted to have EoT then I will invite their input although my decision is final.
5. During December a finals week will take place where myself and team of EoT expert cycling guests will go on a series of rides to revisit the top 5 EoTs to crown the overall winner.

Every month I will announce the egg on toast of the month winner as well as publish the top 5 egg on toasts currently heading for finals week in December.

I had 6 EoT in January with January's Egg on toast of the month winner being the cafe at Eaton Park in Norwich.
The Eaton park cafes award winning Egg on Toast
The current top 5 EoTs can be found at
1. Eaton Park Cafe, Norwich
2. Nourish, Norwich
3. St Georges Distillery, Larling
4. Tabnabs, Mattishall
5. Ravenous Cafe, Raveningham

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  1. Try The Tea Pot Cafe in Swaffham - the best EoT I've had in any cafe.