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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Tuesday 7 January 2020

Milestone. (Cherryleaf Coffee House, Norwich)

Cherryleaf Coffee House,
Monday-Friday 8:30-15:30, Saturday 9-14:00,
Highly Recommended
When I checked my Cake Crusader blog stats this morning (like I do everyday) I was excited to see I had finally had my quarter millionth visitor. I had hoped to hit this target by the end of last year so wasn't far off track. At current rate of progress I should have my millionth visitor in 2034, if blogs are still a thing then.

To celebrate I got Mrs Crusader out of bed (she has had a bad cold and is coughing a lot) and despite her illness insisted she came on a celebratory ride. I promised to keep it short and let her have a sachet from my supply of extra strong Lemsips.

Recently a friend of mine told me about what he thought was the best coffee shop that he knew of (Cherryleaf Coffee House in Norwich) and I promised I would check it out. As it was in Norwich Mrs Crusader said she would come thinking it was only 2 miles away, little did she know we would be going the long way round.
Mrs Crusader was surprised that her 2 mile ride went on for over 20
On a typical grey winters day we visited Wymondham, Hethersett and Bawburgh before I eventually delivered us to the target cafe on St Giles street.
Outside the Cherryleaf Coffee House on St Giles street in Norwich
Once inside I was impressed with the range of cakes (including Vegan options) and had difficulty making my selection so a very effective cake selection (ECS) indeed. I eventually went for the brownie while Mrs Crusader had a caramel cupcake with her Americano.
A very effective cake selection
You may remember that this year's thing of the year is Egg on Toast so I was excited to see egg on toast with avocado on the menu but sadly I was outside the breakfast availability zone (BAZ) so it was no longer available. I think this is a problem I may encounter on many occasions on this years thing search.

Being lunchtime it was quite busy so we opted to sit at the indoor breakfast bar seating area.
Making use of the indoor breakfast bar seating area
The cakes and drinks soon arrived. I had been offered a choice of hot chocolates (always a good sign) and as always went for dark. It was a very good hot chocolate and with Mrs Crusader enjoying her Americano then high hot drinks scores all round.
Todays cakes and drinks
The brownie was exceptionally good with a proper gooey middle. If only it was still 2018 then it would have been a contender for brownie of the year but it isn't so it's not. Mrs Crusader had similar views re her cup cake although she has never held a cup cake of the year contest.

My friend was certainly right about the Cherryleaf Coffee house which is now just inside my top 10 cafes and I certainly highly recommend a visit (although get there in the BAZ (before 12) if you want egg on toast).

As I was in a good mood I let Mrs Crusader go the quick way home, especially as her coughing fits were beginning to get a little bit annoying. 

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Effective Cake Selection
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Click here to download 28 mile Norwich Wymondham loop GPX file for your GPS

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