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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Saturday 15 November 2014

Wet, wet, wet. (Twyfords tearoom, Beecles)

Twyfords Tearoom,
Mon-Sat 08:30-17:00,
Highly Recommended 
Yesterday saw ride two of the 2nd Annual Cafe Cycle Tour winter wheels cycling feast and I had planned a 50 mile ride to Beccles with today's Winter Wheels guest, Big George. Fortunately Big George had not seen that the weather forecast was for rain all day or he may not have been keen to come. Fortunately the rain hadn't yet started as we set off. 

The dry weather lasted less than 5 minutes when it started to drizzle. Before we had time to put on our waterproofs Big George reported that one of his brake blocks had fallen off. He said he would be fine with just a back brake but with my Health and Safety hat on I insisted we stopped at a near by bike shop to buy replacements. By the time his bike had once again got full stopping capabilities the rain was really bucketing down but, using the gift of lying, I convinced Big George that the weather would be better the further south we went, although I had no evidence for this it seemed to make him happy.

The rain continued to bucket down until we arrived at Reedham Ferry for our crossing (as always I refused to pay until the ferryman had got us safely to the other side). The ferryman said we were mad to be cycling in this weather and hadn't we seen the forecast. I quickly changed the subject.
Very wet crossing of the Yare
We continued to head south to Beccles as the rain got heavier. When we arrived we 
spent sometime in the mysterious Beccles one way system. I made sure we only ever went one way but this didn't always correspond with the one way other people had chosen. Eventually Big George used his gift of 'asking for directions' and we found our way to Twyfords Cafe.
Sheltering outside Twyfords Cafe in Beecles
I locked up the bikes and we went inside the cafe which has a lovely European feel. There was also a big sign advertising the fact it had a secret garden. I felt having a big sign telling everyone about the garden rather took away it's secret characteristics. As it was still pouring with rain we decided to forgo the not particularly secret garden outside seating area for another day. All in all Twyfords got a high atmosphere and ambiance score.

The cake selection looked spectacular although all the cakes were of a large indulgent type so hard to differentiate between. I was impressed and awarded a high effective cake selection (ECS) rating.
Part of the large and indulgent cake selection
I chose the luxury carrot cake with my hot chocolate. Big George had Cappuccino and bacon sandwich (which is clearly not a cake). He couldn't afford a cake as he had spent most of the pocket money that Mrs Big George had allowed him for today on brake blocks. I would like to be a fly on the wall when he only hands her back a few pence change from his day out.

Drinks were of a good standard and warmed us up nicely. The cake was suitably indulgent and very well presented so again good marks all round.
Cakes and drinks 
Overall Twyfords tearoom was a very good stop and I suspect on a nice day in the not particularly secret garden could score even better. It still scored well enough to make it into my current top 10 and is highly recommended.

On the way back we once again spent a large amount of time trying to exit Beccles one way labyrinth and completed two more loops before we finally managed to escape. 

The rain stopped on the way back and although we were rather cold we both agreed it was a very good 54 mile ride. I said I was planning a hot bath on my return. Big George said that it was funny as he had just been thinking about that as well. Worried that Big George had been imagining me in the bath I quickly changed the subject to more manly things and there was no more bath chat for the rest of the way home.

Tomorrow sees ride 3 of the Cafe Cycle tours winter wheels cycling feast with a sportive ride out to Loddon.

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Click link to down load 50 mile Norwich Beecles loop gpx file for your gps

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