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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Monday, 2 March 2015

Calorie neutral cafe cycle ride record attempt update.

Now the nights are getting longer and the days warmer it's time for further preparation for my attempt to set a record for a calorie neutral cafe cycle ride. The date for the record attempt had been set for 11th September but before then there is much to do. To set the record I aim to visit up to 20 cafes and cycle over 120 miles so planning and training have started in earnest

As the Guinness book of so called world records washed their hands of me last year (see going alone) I set my own record breaking rules on last years 5 cafe pilot run (see more tea).

1. The holder of the record will have visited the highest number of different cafes during a single day.
2. All cafes must be independent and not part of national chains
3. All cafes must be visited within their normal opening hours and not open early or kept opened late for a record attempt
4. At each cafe a standard portion of cake or a scone (fruit or cheese) must be consumed. Biscuits, flapjacks or anything pre-packaged will not count.
5. At each cafe a standard hot drink must be consumed. (Tea, coffee or hot chocolate)
6. From the time of arriving at the cafe 300 calories must be burnt off before the next cafe can be visited thus making the ride calorie neutral. (300 calories is based on in-depth internet research on average calories of cakes and scones plus average calories of a hot drink (Tea, coffee, hot chocolate). 
7. If extra calories have been used up between cafes then that is tough as they can not be credited against other legs of the ride.

On Friday 13th March I plan to try out part of the route and visit 9 or 10 of the cafes on my potential route. As well as it being good training I hope to get more idea on timings and how easy it is to eat lots of cake on a ride without being ill.

I shall be doing some more test rides over the next few months before announcing the final route in the summer. The hard bit seems to be finding enough establishments that are open after 4.00pm. More news to follow after the 13th.

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