Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Monday, 13 July 2015

Finding best cafe across Great Britain (literally) and Sportive 14 (Hen House Wymodham).

Sportive 14,
Hen House,
Tue-Sat 10:00-2:00,
Highly Recommended
I have two big Cafe Cycle challenges coming up in August and September 2015. The first is my attempt to find the best cafe (or Tearoom/shop) across Great Britain (literally) which will be followed in September by my world record attempt to visit 20 cafes in one day on a calorie neutral bike ride but more on that one another day.

My approach to finding the best cafe across Great Britain (literally) is simple. I will attempt to cycle across the widest part of our island (St David's lifeboat station in Wales to Lowestoft Lifeboat Station) over a week and stop to review some cafes on the way in order to crown the best one. The route is a little under 500 miles (subject to getting lost) and I hope to find 10-15 cafes or tearooms/shops to visit during the trip.

As I will be following my normal UK cycle cafe rules I will need to pack a cycling guest to review the guest hot drink. As it is quite a long way I have decided I need a back up cycling guest as well in case of issues so Big George and Dom (old school cyclist) have kindly agreed to fulfil the cycling guest role for the ride.

We will be setting off on Monday 17th August 2015 by train to Haverfordwest for a 22 mile prologue stage out to St David's lifeboat station before the first proper 90 mile stage through the welsh mountains to Swansea the next day. I'm sure that cafes and tearooms are, probably, nervously preparing to put themselves to the test so it should be an exciting week.

As part of my preparation, on Saturday, I organised the Cake Crusaders 14th Sportive in order to check up on how Dom's training was going.

A field of 8 gathered at Race HQ for normally pre ride faffing about including two newbies Mick and Andy on their shiny newish bikes. However Mick blotted his copy book straight away by claiming he had picked up a puncture en-route which needed to be fixed before we could set off. 
New Boy Mick looking far too happy about his pre ride puncture
The ride was delayed further as as the puncture had happened before we set off I needed time to decide if this counted as a guest puncture or not. After much deliberation I ruled that it would not and could put my cycle ride data spreadsheet away un-updated and line up for the pre Sportive photo.
Riders shambolically lining up for the ride
The route was a 36 mile loop through Attleborough with a stop at old favourite the Hen House near Wymondham.

I asked team doctor Dr Hans to carefully monitor Dom to check for any potential weakness. He gave him a quick glance and said if he took a few of his special pills he would be fine. The only drama on the ride was an official guest puncture, courtesy of team doctor Dr Hans. When we arrived at the Hen House everyone was in need of a refreshing drink on a hot day but I obviously insisted they all had a hot drink to make sure standards were still being maintained at one of my top10 cafe locations. 
Dr Hans having his puncture repaired
There was not a large selection of cakes available today but everyone thought the orange cake, macaroons and cheese scones (sadly served cold) where top drawer. I enjoyed my scone so much I have added it to the contenders for cheese scone of the year.
Excellent cakes and drinks as always
The whole Peleton, who had mainly not been to the Hen House before, agreed it was a worthy top 10 venue and Andy even brought some eggs, although I'm not sure if he got them home safely in his tiny saddle bag.
Peleton enjoying the Hen House
I was pleased to see Dom preformed well throughout which gives me some confidence he will at least complete the 22 mile prologue on the across Great Britain trip. Although Dr Hans has given my a good supply of his special pills just in case.

To find out if we ever did find the best cafe across Great Britain go to Day1

Map of route we took.

Click link to download 36 mile Norwich Attleborough loop GPX for your GPS

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