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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Friday 1 April 2016

Bacon sandwich time. (Peacock cafe, Gressenhall)

Peacocks Cafe,
Now Closed Down
Yesterday I had planned a cafe cycle ride based on the weather forecast in order that we would have the wind in our favour on the way back. However when I awoke and checked the BBC weather app the wind had chosen to make a 180 degree u-turn and would now be against us on our return.

I was forced to put my 'change to a cafe cycling route' process into full swing and after filling in the relevant forms I presented an alternative ride to the emergency cycle cafe route change committee who rejected my new proposal on a technicality. I was therefore forced to tell my cycling guest, Big George, to prepare himself for a hard slog home after our cafe stop.

Big George was in an unusually good mood as it was the first time this year he would be riding in the sunshine. As he is Scottish the merest glimpse of the sun causes him to put his shorts on and today was no exception with his legs on full display, a real treat for the ladies he declared.
Big Georges legs out on show
On the ride out to our destination the wind couldn't seem to make it's mind up as to which direction to blow in and we couldn't tell if it had helped our hindered us as we arrived at Corners garden centre near Gressinghall and found Peacocks cafe at just after midday.
Outside Peacock cafe
There is some outdoor seating but despite it being sunny and apparently shorts weather I still thought it was a bit chilly so we went inside. The first thing I spotted was the cake selection and a sign next to them saying Bacon sandwiches were available until 12:00. I pointed this out to Big George, who is fond of a fried sandwich, as we had just missed out as it was now 12:10. The staff looked at me as if I was mad and said he could have a Bacon sandwich. I wasn't having it as I'm a stickler from the rules and pointed to their sign with a questioning look. They confirmed that the sign was correct as they do stop doing bacon sandwiches at 12:00 when the lunchtime menu kicks in but as bacon sandwiches are also on the lunchtime menu he could still have one. So he ordered a fried egg sandwich instead (which wasn't on any menu).

Feeling a little confused by the Peacock cafe's bacon sandwich serving time policy I decided to check the cakes and award the effective cake selection (ECS) score. The selection had a decent range so I awarded a decent ECS mark.
Cake selection
I ordered hot chocolate and carrot cake while Big George had a Latte and lemon drizzle cake to go with his fried egg sandwich.
Our hot drinks
Big George thought his coffee was very good and strong but my hot chocolate was of the disappointing cadburys drinking chocolate variety. Our cakes were nice and big although both a little too sweet for our ageing taste buds.
Large bits of cake
While we waited for Big George's Fried egg sandwich two more customers came in. The first thing one said to the other was that it was a shame she was too late for a Bacon sandwich before it being explained to her that it was ok as she could order it off the lunchtime menu. I decided this must happen a lot and it would probably save time and confusion if they changed the sign to say that Bacon sandwiches were available all day.

After Big George had finished his fried egg sandwich we set off back home doing some fast bits and slow bits depending on which way the still confused wind was deciding to blow. The sun had also packed up for the day but I'm hoping to be able to get my legs on show on a ride soon.


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