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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Tuesday 26 April 2016

London marathon bore. (The Galley, Horning)

The Galley,
Opening times Tue-Sun 10:00-15:30
Highly Recommended 
Now the London Marathon is out the way (did I mention I ran in it on Sunday) then today it was time to get back to some solid cafe cycle riding. However it did look like I might have to cancel as the recent weather forecasts had been predicting it would rain all day making it unlikely that my cycling guests, Chris (Mrs Crusader), Barry and Helen and their tandem, would agree to come out for a soaking. Fortunately overnight the forecast had improved and, with only the odd shower now predicted, everyone was happy to go.

Getting ready was proving harder for me as my legs were still refusing to bend after their recent exertions (did I mention I ran the London Marathon on Sunday). I could currently only go down stairs backwards and once on the flat only make any forward progress by impersonating the wooden tops (younger readers ask your parents). Climbing on and off the bike was no simple matter either and took some time to accomplish with associated yelps. It was therefore no surprise that myself and Chris were late setting off to our start of ride meeting point leaving Barry and Helen and their Tandem shivering by the side of the road until we eventually arrived.

Fortunately cycling turned out to be a lot easier than walking so I didn't hold the group up as we headed off to today's cafe stop, The Galley, in Horning. A couple of miles before we arrived the sky turned black. Fortunately Helen pointed out that as the wind was blowing the clouds away from us we would be ok and unlikely to get wet. As any experienced cyclist knows you never say things like that when out on a ride so I was well prepared when the sleet and hail attacked us as we rounded the next corner and only stopped again just as we arrived in Horning.

The Galley combines a craft shop, Deli and tearoom  and can be found on the main street. There isn't really a proper outdoor seating area but as it was a bit cold and damp today this was not really an issue so we headed inside.
Outside the Galley post hail storm (which was Helen's fault)
First I checked out the cakes so as to award the effective cake selection (ECS) score and was pleased to see all the big five, Chocolate, Carrot, Victoria, Lemon and Coffee were represented plus some other sponge cakes. As there were brownies, scones and flapjack (which I took away in case of emergency and also so I could test it for flapjack of the year 2016) as well I awarded a high ECS mark.
Large selection of out of focus cakes
We left the shop and counter part of the establishment by going through an arch into the indoor seating cafe area where we selected a table by the window before I took sometime falling into my seat. 
View of indoor seating area from where I was sitting as I was too stiff to get up
Our drinks arrived first, quickly followed by a re-enactment of a scene from Goldilocks and the three bears. Barry thought his cappuccino too hot, Chris thought her Mocha too cold and I thought my hot chocolate was just right. This was no reflection on the Galley drink temperature control standards just that Barry and Chris are hot drink temperature tarts (HDTT) who always go through this charade on every cafe cycle ride they come on and need to get over it.

Despite the HDTT temperature disagreements all the drinks were good and scored well with my hot chocolate having a proper chocolate taste to it.
Despite all the drinks being the same temperature some people are never happy
On the cakes front Chris had gone traditional opting for the chocolate cake, probably influenced by the addition of the chocolate button decorations. I, on the other hand, stepped away from tradition and, despite my fondness for gluten, choose the satsuma and almond gluten free cake, Barry and Helen and their tandem picked a bacon and sausage baguette to share. As a bacon and sausage baguette is clearly not cake they played no further part in cake reviewing today. My cake was very tasty and super moist whilst the chocolate cake was a good example of type without being exceptional.
Nice cakes
All in all the Galley was a very pleasant stop with an excellent selection of cakes and I highly recommend a visit.

Despite both Chris and Helen providing first class spectator support at the London Marathon on Sunday, (did I mention I ran in it) I felt that Barry and their tandem needed a mile by mile breakdown of my run.  

Showing surprising interest Barry asked me how you know if someone has run the London Marathon. I guessed at stiffness, funny walk, haggard look etc but apparently he said, you don't have to know as they will soon tell you all about it. Which I did. 

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Click here to download 41 mile Norwich Horning loop GPX file to your GPS

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