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Lets find a Cafe (or tearoom)

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Friday 15 April 2016

Looks like rain. (K'Teas Cafe, Poringland)

K’Teas Cafe,
Opening times Mon-Fri 09:00-15:30
When I checked the weather forecast for today's cafe cycle ride it didn't look promising as rain was forecast throughout the day. The only positive was that it was saying only one blob for the first hour before moving on to two blobs for the rest of the time.
Rain forecast all day
Obviously I would never call off a planned cafe cycle ride due to a bit of rain, especially if it starts with only one blob, but it is not always straight forward to persuade a cycling guest (who I need for an official cafe review) that spending two to three hours getting cold and wet is a fun idea. Fortunately today's cycling guest was Big George and he is from Scotland where rain is a way of life, so was more than happy to set off on our trip.

We decided to limit our ride to a shorter than normal 30 mile route (we're not mad) taking in the newly opened K'Teas in the Poringland community centre. 

Despite having followed all my wet weather cycling guest cycling top tips it wasn't long before we were soaked. Just as I thought we couldn't get any wetter the rain got heavier so well done to the BBC weather site as they had predicted the rain moving up to the 2 blob level exactly on time, just a sham their sunshine track record isn't so hot.

When we got to Poringland I knew exactly where to go as I had visited the Cafe when it was under different management and called Frog on the Pond (see Cake Tuesday). It is at the back of the Poringland community centre. 
Outside K'Teas cafe which you can just make out through the rain
Dripping wet we went inside and straight to the counter to check out the cakes and award the effective cake selection (ECS) score. There was a lemon cake, some scones and cupcakes meaning the cake selection, and therefore ECS mark, were rather small. There was also only a choice of filter or instant coffee. I chose lemon cake with my hot chocolate and Big George a fruit scone with his coffee.
Rather small cake selection
We selected a table in the indoor seating area and I picked up the menu that had an introductory piece about the cafe and new team in charge. I love a good cafe name pun so assumed K'Teas was run by someone called Katie. Very good, I thought, until the menu told me that Karen and Keith were in charge, which was a bit of a let down, they could at least have pretending someone called Katie was involved.
Nice and bright indoor seating area at back of the community centre
Our drinks soon arrived but as mine was a standard Cadbury's drinking chocolate, and we never did decide if Big George had had filter or instant coffee, then the drinks quality marks were not too high although they did warm us up as we tried to dry off.
My lemon cake was very nice and although Big Georges scone wasn't fresh out the oven the cake taste quality mark was good.
Cake and scone ready for tasting
Although we delayed setting off again as long as possible the rain was still hammering down so we reluctantly put back on our wet jackets and set off for our final drenching, which we duly received. I'm hoping all of my other cycling guest take note of Big George's excellent example and don't winge next time it is raining on a planned cafe cycle ride day.

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Today's route

Click link to down load 30 mile Norwich Poringland gpx file for your GPS

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